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My two cents of the share. Here's my little shortage chapter so far. I hope you enjoy it. :D

A Secret Destiny
Far do yonder into the unknown world, let alone survive it..


This story is about a young girl who lives her life in an enoumous mansion with her father. Born rich, she dislikes the praise she gets from people and friends, and wishes she could live like any normal girl. But one day, her whole life flops upside down as she is sent on a mysterious mission to save not only her life, but the Ruby Emerald that keeps this world and the magical world in place/safe from the clutches of evil. (modify later)

Chapter One: Rememberance of The Past

"No!! Leave me alone!" the young girl cried. She struggled to get up, her body
shaking in fear and agony. But the sudden sharp pain inflicted onto her back caused her to
collapse once again. The girl turned her tear-strained face towards the cruel witch who stood
above her. Anger and confusion began to boil inside this young child as she managed to raise
herself from the solid concrete floor. Her head throbbed in pain, and her clothes were torn and
blood stained, but even that didn't stop her. With only an ounce of strenth left, she stood face
to face towards the cold-hearted woman; showing an expression of none other than confidence
and bravery.

"Why.." the girl began sorrowfully. "Why are you doing this? Why are you hurting innocent
people? Causing pain and misery in their lives..WHY CAN'T YOU JUST LEAVE EVERYONE ALONE?!" Fresh
tears formed in her golden brown eyes. Her expression was pale and worn, yet the enchantress
that stood before her showed the least bit of mercy. She smirked at the sight of the trembling

"I shall do as I please!" The witch said coldly. She grinned wickedly as she
began to inch closer and closer to the helpless child. "You FOOL! Don't you see?!

- continued later -
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