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Cross of white ribbons: A Ragnarok Story

Title: Cross of White Ribbons

Disclaimer: I do not own Ragnarok.. :p

First off, I'd like to say that this is actually a continuation of Scott's story, Fall of the Gods. It was actually a pretty cute story.. and yes it does make me sad when I read it. Too bad it will never be finished since the whole feel of it changed and we're no longer together. I'm simply taking it where we left off, but at a whole new level. The story takes place with my character in the Ragnarok world left alone without her savior. The last gift left to her was a promise ring, the object of everyone's desire. With Celestial now banished, Wind must begin her training to be a priest alone. There are surprise characters in this story.. ^^ (Everything relates to what we actually did in the game).

Fall of the Gods
Written by Scott Bear II

The sky was covered in a shroud of darkness. The rain was heavy, the lightning fierce. On the top of Mt Kafka, stood the last of the powerful beings who had recently descended to Midgard. It was a female archangel. She had long brown hair, placed in a pony-tail. She wore a short black loincloth, and a red vest. She wore long black boots, and had a long, uniquely shaped blade. Engraved on it was an ancient rune of a language no one any longer could translate.
Also on the mountain, were several warriors, the only ones to stand against the archangel’s powers. A paladin, a priestess, an assassin, and a monk.
The lightning struck nearby, and a fire broke out on the mountaintop.
“Your efforts are fruitless. Do you think you can really stop this? It has been foretold for a thousand years of this very moment,” said the archangel.
The paladin raised his sword ready to attack. The priestess cast several supportive spells on the group. The assassin’s blades began to glow, and the monk readied for healing.
The archangel swung her blade, displacing the air it cut through. Thunder bellowed as the air filled the void created by the powerful swing.
The group evaded the attack.
“This ends here!” screamed the archangel. She created a ball of energy in her palm, and hurled it into the sky. Bolts of energy rained down onto the mountain.
The monk created a barrier, defending for the majority of the strikes.
The assassin leapt to the archangel and unleashed a string of fierce attacks at a speed unable to be seen by mortal eyes.
The paladin swung his blade and connected to the archangel’s side. She fell to the ground. Glowing blood poured from the wound in her side. She stood up and staggered a few steps toward the paladin.
“Humanity’s fate is sealed, salvation is but a false prayer…you can’t…”
The paladin raised his sword high above his head.
The archangel fell to her knees, and glared up at him.
“Go ahead…you’ll only delay the inevitable…you may have slowed us down this time, but in a thousand years, we will succeed, and you will be ours,” she said.
The paladin brought his sword down, cutting deep into the archangel’s shoulder, and into her body.
She collapsed on the ground. He sword rose slowly into the air, then shot into the ground. Energy shot out of the mountain in all directions. The heroes were killed in the blast, their equipment left as holy relics, and the spot in which the final archangel had been defeated, marked as holy ground.
Having been broken and scattered, the people had nowhere to look to for healing in the now ravaged world.
A church was built at the base of Mt Kafka, and soon gained popularity. Having nowhere else to turn, the people turned to religion for guidance.
Slowly, the world replenished itself, and the people began living again. Within a hundred years, the world seemed to be once again thriving with life.
993 years later
Ryu Celes, a 12 year-old boy was sitting by a small pond. He splashed his feet in, care free, enjoying life. He was waiting for his close friend, Shiya Wind, who was slightly older than him.
Ryu had straight brown hair, and bright brown eyes. He wasn’t very muscular, but he was fast. He would often race the other children in town, and always won.
“Ryyyuuuuu!!” came a soft sweet voice from behind him.
Ryu turned around and looked. There stood Shiya, a shorter girl of 13½. She had long wavy brown hair, and dark brown eyes.
The two giggled and frolicked in the pond, splashing and swimming.
“Hey Ryu, my dad is becoming a monk tomorrow!” Shiya squeaked.
“Wow, that’s cool,” said Ryu.
Shiya giggled. “I can’t wait until I’m old enough to become an acolyte! I want to be a priestess some day!”
Ryu looked at her.
“Really? I never gave the future any thought. I like just being a kid,” he said.
“You should become a knight! Then I can say I have my knight in shining armor!” Shiya responded.
Ryu blushed. “Aw sheesh, I don’t know about all that. I’m not really strong or anything…just fast.”
“Well, you could be a samurai?”
“Aww, I don’t know. I’d want to be sneaky.”
“Well…you could be an assassin I guess…”
“Hey that sounds cool! How come you got so quiet?”
“Well…my dad said assassins are cruel fighters with no emotions…”
Shiya hugged Ryu.
“I wouldn’t want that of you…please don’t become a heartless bloodthirsty monster.”
“Can’t I be an assassin and still have emotions?”
“Well…I guess you could…”
“Well then! It’s settled! I’m going to…”
Ryu was cut off as a loud splash behind them startled the two.
They turned around and saw a large golem.
“What is that thing??” yelled Ryu.
“Ryu, run!” Shiya begged. The two turned to run.
The golem hammered the ground, and the two fell.
The golem picked up the two of them. They kicked and hit at its stone arms. The golem threw them both into a nearby cliff wall. Ryu fell to the ground. The golem came closer, and raised its arm, ready to strike.
“Noo!!” Shiya yelled and jumped in front.
The golem hammered her to the side like a doll. She hit the ground hard and passed out. Blood streamed from her mouth.
Ryu lay on the ground, unable to move, unable to do anything…
The monster suddenly glowed an icy blue color, and then was encased in a block of ice. A stream of lightning bolts rained from the sky and vaporized the ice block, and the monster.
“Are you ok?” said the mage Ryu could just barely see standing where the golem had been.
The mage glanced over and saw Shiya laying on the ground.
“Oh my God!” he said. He ran over to her and picked her up.
“She’s still breathing, I have to get her back to town. Here.”
The mage held out his hand and a dim light encased Ryu. His wounds healed slightly, just enough so he could move again. The mage then took off in the direction of the nearest town.
Ryu sat up, and stared off into the distance.
The sky became dark, and clouds began rolling in. A gentle rain fell.
Ryu still sat there, staring into space.
I couldn’t protect her…there was nothing I could do…I feel so helpless…

Ryu returned to town. He went to the local novice academy. He walked up to the admittance personnel.
“I want to train to fight,” he said.
A nearby rogue looked down at him.
“Startin young, eh? That’s the way to do it these days, never know when the Holy War is gonna start and the Gods is all gonna come slit ar’ throats. Good luck to ye boy,” said the rogue as he walked off.
Ryu was accepted, and began training in basic skills the next day.
Ryu worked mostly with agility exercises, adjusting his speed, attack speed, and evasion.

Three weeks later, with help from the local alchemist, Shiya had recovered.
Ryu met her on the outskirts of town one day.
“I’ve heard you’ve been training as a novice since what happened,” she said.
“That’s so cute. That really means something, you doing that for me, but you don’t have to you know.”
“It’s ok, I want to.”
“Are you feeling ok?”
“I’m fine, I just have a lot to think about I guess.”
“You sound like a grown up, lighten up, you’re only twelve.”
“Maybe you’re right.”
The two of them started back into the town. Ryu stopped.
Shiya stopped and turned around.
Ryu had a determined look on his face. His eyes seemed ablaze with passion.
Shiya stepped closer to him.
“What’s wrong?”
Ryu closed his eyes and shook his head. He then looked her in the eyes.
“I will protect you.”
Shiya stared at him, starry eyed. She hugged Ryu, and they stood there for what seemed like hours.
Shiya took a step back and looked at him, then turned and ran home.
Ryu walked to his own home.

The next day, Shiya enrolled for training as well, but in a different area than Ryu. She was going for white magic, to become an acolyte.
Ryu had to become a thief in order to someday become an assassin, and so he trained.
After that, Ryu and Shiya were not able to talk as much as they once had, because both had their goals. Shiya to one day become a priestess, and Ryu was unable to protect her until he was much stronger.

One day, the two of them were assigned to do some field training. Ryu’s was pretty simple, but Shiya, having no white magic due to being a simple novice, had it much more difficult.
“So…what are we looking for anyway?” Shiya asked.
“Monsters. Weak ones,” Ryu responded.
The two walked to the outskirts of the forest. A human-sized bee sat, sucking on flowers. It spotted the two of them and took a defensive stance.
“We found our first target,” Ryu said.
The bee leapt and flew at them. Ryu and Shiya bound in different directions. The bee stopped and examined its targets. It then flew at Ryu.
Ryu took an offensive stance.
The bee drew closer.
Ryu prepared to strike.
The bee swung its stinger and hit the ground where Ryu had been standing.
The bee stopped and looked around. Ryu was now beside the bee.
The bee swung again and missed.
Ryu thrust his dagger into the bee’s side. The bee let out a loud screeching noise, and started swinging violently at Ryu.
Ryu stood, awaiting the bee’s attack.
The bee flew furiously at him. Ryu ran and leapt under the bee, turning and slicing its underside while it passed over.
The bee hit the ground and lay there. It twitched, and then died.
Shiya stood, astonished.
Ryu turned and looked at her.
“I…can’t believe it…how strong you are after only a few weeks!”
“I told you…I’m going to protect you…no matter what, I will protect you with my life.”
The two continued to train. After two years, they were qualified for various guilds. Shiya joined the acolyte guild, and Ryu joined the thief guild. They trained vigorously, learning the necessary skills and techniques of their guilds.

On a continent far from that of where Ryu and Shiya lived, a crusader walked into the church at the base of Mt Kafka. He went to the basement, and into an office, the office of Cardinal Siefer.
“I bring news from the Holy Land,” said the crusader.
“What is it?” Siefer responded.
“It seems things are moving along just as we thought. The rifts are weakening, and there are all sorts of weird energies spewing from the surrounding areas. It looks like we’re getting exactly what was called for.”
Siefer stood and walked over to a giant mural of an angelic figure.
“It’s going to happen again. This time…we’ll use it to our benefit. The masses haven’t a clue, how could they? Blind sheep, looking for a Shepard. With all the support, and guildsmen under us, we shouldn’t have any problem,” Siefer responded.
The crusader grinned and looked at the mural.
“Funny eh?” he said.
Siefer sat in his chair once more.
“Once all is in motion, Alexandria will fall, then the road to Divinity will open.”
The crusader picked up his sword and left.

5 years later
After many special requests and zeny paid, Ryu and Shiya were allowed to take their final guild tests together. They were assigned to find and retrieve a special gemstone placed on an altar deep in the forest at the base of Mt. Kafka. Their trips were paid for, and they were sent by ship to the giant forest.
The forest extended for miles to the base of the mountain. The mountain wasn’t very large in comparison to some of the other mountainous area on the planet, but it was a pretty decent size.
The ship landed and the two embarked to the forest.
Ryu looked at Shiya, then to the forest. He started walking. Shiya followed closely.
The two of them had been newly equipped for this dangerous mission. Ryu had been given among the strongest of daggers, forged by an ancient blacksmith who used special elemental ores, and still extremely light and easy to wield. Ryu refused to carry a shield, for speed purposes, he instead used a bracer that covered his forearm. Other than this, he wore a long thief’s robe. It was a long, brown, hooded robe with several concealed pockets.
Shiya wore a long, white, hooded robe. She carried with her a staff carved from a tree located in an enchanted forest. The staff was imbued with several runes and gems, enhancing its users magic abilities.
“Do you know where to look for the altar?” asked Shiya.
“There are several ancient temples located in the vicinity of the mountain. The instructor said it would be located in one of them,” Ryu responded.
“Really? They didn’t tell me that…”
A tree fell close to them. Started, Shiya grabbed Ryu’s arm. They looked to where the tree had been standing. An orc stood, grunting at them. It slung its axe to its shoulder and grunted violently.
“Oh my God…how are we going to get through a forest of orcs?!” Shiya stammered.
“Don’t worry,” Ryu stated. “They are nothing.”
“You can’t be serious! I know you’re strong, but this is no laughing matter! A thief and an acolyte of our stature are no match for a bunch of orcs!”
Ryu drew his dagger and took a few steps toward the orc.
Shiya raised her staff and began glowing.
“Blessing! Agility up! Barrier!” she said as she cast the corresponding spells on herself.
Blessing is a skill that slightly enhances the target’s attack, agility up raises the speed and attack speed of the target, and barrier creates a magic shield that blocks a number of enemy blows.
Shiya then readies to cast them on Ryu.
“Don’t spend your energy on me, I won’t need it,” Ryu said. “Conserve it for healing.”
The orc roared and charged at Ryu.
Ryu ran to the orc. The orc swung his axe and hit the ground where Ryu had been standing. The ground shook and cracked.
Shiya stood wide-eyed. If one of us get hit by that, we’re done. Why would they send us on such a dangerous mission?!
As if to answer her question, the orc fell dead.
Shiya looked in bewilderment.
“What just happened?!” she asked.
Ryu stood behind the orc. He raised his dagger. Blood dripped from it.
“You…you killed that thing?! So quickly?!”
Ryu wiped the blood off in the grass and put it back in its sheath.
Orcs are nothing to be messed with…if the guilds really cared about our safety, they never would’ve sent us here with underdeveloped skills. There’s no way I could go here on my own…so he would have to make up for the both of us. Is that even possible? We’ve been fighting alongside of each other for the same amount of time…is it possible for him to be that strong?
Ryu continued walking. Shiya followed right behind him, her mind clouded with questions. She looked over at Ryu. His face had no expression. His eyes no longer had the bright, innocent life they once had. They now seemed dull and lifeless.
They stopped.
Two orcs stood in front of them. Both raised their axes and ran at them.
“Stay here,” Ryu said. He ran toward them.
The orcs swung their axes, both missing. Ryu leaped past them, slicing at both of their chests as he passed. Both began to bleed from the wound. They roared and stomped toward Ryu. Ryu ran and stood directly between them. As they drew nearer, Ryu jumped toward one. He bound off of its chest, and landed behind the other. He then thrust his dagger into its back. Before the orc fell from death, he jumped onto its shoulders, bound to the other orc, and brought his dagger down in the center of its skull. The orc screamed and fell. Ryu jumped to the ground beside them.
He once more wiped his dagger off and re-sheathed it.
Shiya stood in astonishment.
I could barely even follow his movements…he killed two orcs in only seconds! How did he get so strong??
“Shiya?” Ryu said.
Shiya looked startled.
“Are you ready?”
“Oh…yes, sorry.”
The two walked on.
“Ryu?” Shiya started.
Ryu looked at her.
“How…exactly…did you become so strong?”
Ryu stopped and looked her in the eyes.
“I told you before…I will protect you.”
“But…this is more than protecting, I’ve never seen someone of our age or guild status fight like this…I’ve rarely seen anyone fight like that. It’s like you’re a completely different person.”
“I forced myself to be as strong as possible. I always took the jobs that were out of my league. If it was too hard for everyone else at my level, then I wanted it. I’ve fought monsters that you’ve probably never even seen or heard of before. These orcs are child’s play compared to them.”
“Did you know…that there would be orcs here?”
“Yes. The orcs aren’t the limit. The enemies will be harder as we get closer to the mountain. The instructor told me that they could possibly even be out of my league. He told me that taking you would greatly endanger the likelihood of success, but I told him that it wouldn’t be a problem.”
“You may be strong enough to handle these things, but there’s no way I can! What if something happens to you! There’s no way I’ll leave this place alive! Did you even think about that??”
“That won’t happen.”
“How do you know?!”
“Because no matter what, I will protect you. I told you before, I will let no harm come to you.”
“I hope you’re right…”
The two of them continued on in silence.
After walking a few miles, they came to a temple.
“That didn’t take very long,” Shiya stated.
“This isn’t the one,” Ryu said.
“How do you know?”
“The monsters around here aren’t strong enough. I was informed that the enemies close to the correct temple would force me to use the thief abilities I’ve been taught. These monsters can be taken down by a few strikes.”
Shiya fell quiet.
The two of them walked on. Shiya remained deep in thought.
When she looked up again, she realized where they were. They were at the very base of Mt. Kafka.
Then, she really began to worry.

“This is it,” Ryu stated.
They stood at the entrance to an overgrown temple. Two golden pillars held up the entrance. They walked in.
Ryu crept along the wall, peering into the darkness. Shiya followed just behind.
“Ryu?” she asked. “I’m scared…”
“You need not worry,” he responded.
“What if something happens to us?!”
“Nothing will happen.”
They continued on.
Shiya looked at Ryu. His eyes glowed more furiously the deeper they went.
What’s happening she wondered? This isn’t right…this can’t be…
Shiya grabbed his arm.
“What’s the real purpose of this mission?” she asked. “Everybody is hiding something!”
Ryu persisted.
“Answer me!”
Ryu stopped and looked her in the eyes. His eyes blazed in the dim light.
“We mustn’t stop now,” he said. “We’re almost there now. You’ll find out soon.”
They walked into an open room. There, in the center, was an altar with a gem sitting in the center. They approached the altar.
“Stop,” came a voice from behind.
The two turned around.
“This is it? A thief and an acolyte?” said a man in a brown cloak.
Behind him, several crusaders walked in.
“What were you expecting?” asked Ryu.
“No matter, things are going to carry out as planned, and there’s not a single thing anyone can do about it,” said the cloaked man.
The four crusaders approached Ryu and Shiya.
Ryu leaped at the first crusader. The crusader swung his enormous blade, missing Ryu. Ryu struck his back with his dagger, and then leaped to the next crusader. The crusader bashed Ryu with his shield. Ryu hit the ground hard.
Shiya raised her staff, but got shoved into the wall, and fell to the ground.
A nearby crusader picked up the gemstone from the altar. Ryu ran toward him and thrust into his side. The crusader dropped the gem. Ryu ran to the gem and passed it. He stopped and looked back at it. The crusader picked it up and swung his sword at Ryu, connecting and sending him to the floor.
“Pathetic,” said the cloaked man. The crusaders followed him out, along with the gemstone.

Shiya woke up and rubbed her head. She looked over at Ryu who, was now sitting up.
“So not only did we get beat up, but they now have what we need to pass our tests,” she said.
Ryu opened his cape and pulled out the gemstone.
“But…I saw them take it!”
“Remember when I ran past the stone while it was on the floor? I switched it with a fake given to me by my guildmaster. He knew they were after it as well, and knew that if I could bring back the real one, it would prove my abilities as a thief to be ready to compete with that of an assassin,” Ryu explained.
“Who were those people?” Shiya asked. “Why were there crusaders, holy knights, along with that shady guy in the cloak?”
Ryu sat in silence. He then stood up and said; “We should go now.”
“Answer me Ryu! Who were they?”
Ryu looked at her. His eyes were once more dull and lifeless.
“It might be better if you didn’t know,” he said.
“What’s that supposed to mean?!”
Ryu began walking.
Shiya stepped in front of him with her arms out.
“You have been so callous ever since we came here, you’ve been given more details about our mission, and I’m completely oblivious to this whole situation! Will you please tell me what’s going on?”
Tears began streaming down her face.
Ryu stared at her.
“What if everything you believed to be right, turned out to be a lie? If everything you had been fighting for, everything you believed in, was nothing more than a fabrication?”
Shiya didn’t move.
“Think about it. What would you do?”
“What’s that supposed to mean? How could I…”
“There’s more to this world than what it seems. I plan to bring it to light.”
“What are you talking about?
“Shiya…the end of the world is near. Unless I do something about it here and now, you can forget fighting for what you believe in, because it won’t exist, and neither will you.”
Ryu pulled out a small clip from one of the many pockets in his cape. He grabbed Shiya’s hand, and they teleported out of the temple, and back to the dock.

Chapter 1: Memories of You
Written by Shiya

From here on out, everything after Fall of the Gods is written by me, Shiya.

How could this happen to me? Where did I go wrong? Where did I..?

I promise I'll always protect you...

"Is that all you really meant?" A petite young girl of golden brown hair stood hovering over a pile of dead branches in deep thought. Her long hair fell softly over her shoulders, slightly covering her face. Her wet lips soaked in the moisture of warmth from the sunshine above her. A beautiful purple bow of silk hung softly down her hair. "I'm on a journey. A really long journey far away from home."

Young Acolyte...your journey is long but behold! You will learn from this voyage. Soon you will walk among the priests of Pure white.

"I want to become a Priest. Nothing will stop me. He was always there to guide me. Now I'm on my own. May God bless him on his journey. He will become a great assassin. I would have rather he become my knight..but as long as he's happy, I'm happy as well." As she turned to leave, a strong gust of wind surrounded her, making her plain monk dress fly above her knees. She glanced behind her, catching a quick grin from a passerby. A circle of wind surrounded the girl, increasing her sense of direction and strength.

"Hello there." The visitor glanced over while smiling.

"Oh, hello!" The girl was taken back by surprise. "How nice of him to do this for me," she thought.

He chuckled. "I hope I didn't catch you by surprise miss. Did I interrupt anything?"

"Oh..." The girl thought for a moment. "I'm on a journey."

The man looked down at her. He then took a glance around. "A journey? On your own? Is there no one with you?"

"I'm afraid not."

"At this rate, it will take you years."

"I am aware of that."

"You seem pretty determined.." He took a step closer. The girl took a step back out of fear. He gazed into her eyes. "And beautiful at that..for an acolyte that is. You'll go and make yourself vulnerable around the hunters if you're not careful. You have an AGI boast. That should help you for a while."

The young girl didn't understand whether to take the mans words as compliments or not. She didn't know what to say to this stranger. She simply nodded her head.

"Does the young lady have a name?"

"My name..." She paused for a couple of seconds before responding. "Shiya Wind."

"And I am Z. A pleasure to meet you, miss Wind." He looked down at her hand out of curiosity. "You are married to the church, are you not?"

Shiya looked down at her hand. He must have meant the ring around her ring finger. She quickly hid her hand behind her back, trying hard not to blush.

"A promise ring..."

"It's true," replied Shiya.

"Do you realize what this means, miss acolyte?"

"He's dead. Don't fret on it. I keep it on as a reminder of my childhood promise. I must be going now." Shiya turned to leave. Z didn't stop her. He only grinned at her as he watched her leave.

"Aw damn." He thought to himself. "I forgot to ask for a blessing. Where the hell am I going to find another acolyte that generous?"


"What a strange man..." Thought Shiya. She stared down at her ring in deep thought.

Lady Wind...Ryu Celestial is dead.

She lie motionless on her bed staring at the ceiling. Her breathing became slower and deeper. Her deep brown eyes grew wide and filled with tears. The young girl ran over to Shiya's bedside, took her by the hand, and began to pray with her.

Shiya...I'm so sorry. There was nothing we could do...


Shiya wrapped her arms around her fellow acolyte companion, wiping away her tears against her robe.

He's with God now..

" promised you'd come back to me. I know I shouldn't say this. You would have wanted me to be stronger. It's been a year now since I've heard news of your death. I promise I'll become a priest. You'll be so proud of me!" Thought Shiya as she continued to stare down at her flowery ring. "But maybe it's time I finally put these memories to rest." And with that, Shiya kneeled to the floor and prayed.


A young archer sat on a tree just above Shiya. She hadn't noticed the girl's silent prayer. The archer curiously watched the young acolyte. A beast quickly approached from the opposite end of where the acolyte was praying. The archer grabbed her bow and striked down the beast, barely missing the acolyte. To her surprise, the acolyte didn't cease praying.

"What a careless acolyte." Thought the archer. She tossed her long golden locks away from her face and grabbed onto the branch she was sitting on with both hands. She pushed herself off, making her way towards the beast she struck down. She recovered the items left from the beast and placed them into her pouch. She then glanced over at the acolyte beside her. "And yet she doesn't wince."

The acolyte glanced into the deep blue eyes of the golden haired archer while smiling. "Did you come for a healing?"

" not exactly."

The acolyte blinked really quickly, giving a rather dumbfounded look. "Oh. Do I know you?"

"Nah sorry to disturb you. I was just passing by and couldn't help but notice you about to be attacked by a god beast. I can't help but wonder what would have happened if I wasn't there. You shouldn't be so careless you know?"

"I appreciate your concern." Shiya gave the archer a warm smile. She slowly stood on her feet, clumsily falling against the archer. "AH, so sorry." The archer helped her to her feet.

"Please don't worry about it. I really should be going though. I'm so determined to become a hunter, and time is short. I'm really that close. Please take care though. There are many strong beasts around this place. You were careless."

"I'm sorry. I know i'll do better next time."

The archer couldn't help but smile. The acolyte was an unusual one. She didn't seem to have a sense of direction. The archer turned her back on the acolyte. "My name is Rikku Natsuke, and I come from a place far from here. I have a feeling that you and I are very much alike. You are serving your class a purpose. But there is more to it isn't there?"

Shiya nodded. "My name is Shiya Wind and my purpose is to become a priestess. However.." Shiya showed Rikku her hand. "I made a promise to someone very dear to me. I intend to keep that promise til the very end."

Rikku examined the ring, taking Shiya's hand in hers. "You know Celes then."
to be continued..

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