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Through the Eyes of an Angel

Through the Eyes of an Angel


This story is about a social outcast named Isabella. In the beginning of the story, she goes to a boarding school called 'Ai Boarding School'. This school changes her whole personality, and she is determined to make the best of it. Yet when a mysterious angel appears and tells her she is an angel herself and speaks of training, Isabella slowly begins to turn into a social outcast yet again because of her secret. As trouble arises and her friends get suspicious, she realizes her amount of responsibility is growing and will continue to unless she puts a stop to one of them once and for all.

(Whzomg that summary sucked. XDDD)

Right now, I am packing. Why, you ask? I'll start from the beginning.

It was around noon, and I was sitting around lazily, reading an old comic for about the millionth time. Just as I was about to reach the climax, my mother walked in slowly. Now, my mother is usually very brisk, so I was sure she was about to tell me news I was most likely not going to agree to.

"Isabella. How are you today?" She asked in a voice that would soothe anyone who didn't know she was about to announce something they didn't like.

I cut to the point. "Who died?" Of course, I was joking. But this was my way of asking her what the bad news was.

To my surprise, she laughed. She never laughed when I said that - another obvious sign she was about to declare something I didn't like.

"Oh mom, just tell me the bad news already." I badly wated to roll my eyes, but I restrained myself.

"Isabella, you're terribly anti-social." She began, in that same slow, soothing voice.

"Mother, you know very well that's just my personality." I said in my best strict, 'no-nonsense' voice. Keep in mind that I wasn't rude, just strict.

"Oh, but it's a bad part of your personality. Sometimes I wish you'd bring a friend over, or have some fun. I don't like to see you inactive like this." She continued a little faster. "I just want you to be happy."

"I don't mind being inactive - really, mother, I don't. And truthfully, I am happy this way." After I said that, I thought she'd just sigh, get up, and leave, but again, to my surprise, she didn't.

"Oh, you're never truely happy until you have a friend. And Isabella, darling, it doesn't matter if you mind being inactive or not. All I'm saying is that it's unhealthy, and for once, you should get up and go, go, go!" She smiled one of her corny smiles that made me blush in embarrassment whether there were people around or not.

"I guess I'm abnormal then, because I feel happy enough." A small tone of rudeness crept into my voice, and my mother's smile disappeared like fire under rain.

"I suppose I'll just get to the point." She said with forced politeless. I could tell she was angry, though. "I've signed you up for a boarding school. Ai Boarding School, that is. It's the best one around. I want you to get out and live life for once. I don't want you to blunder around like usual anymore. It's unhealthy, and I don't want you to be like that when you get older."

I can't explain exactly how I felt right then. My jaw dropped, my eyes grew the size of dinner plates, I sat up as stiff as a statue, and my comic book crashed to the floor. Everything went into slow motion mode right then. The space between my upper lip and my lower lip grew wider and wider as I began shaking wildly. Anger then swept into me like a bulldozer into an old building. I began yelling nonsense. It was all a blur...I caught my self saying things like 'it's not your choice' or 'you can't do this'. After all, I didn't really know what I was saying. My angry thoughts and feelings rolled onto my tounge and shot through my lips - I couldn't control myself.

Right now, I can't understand why I was so angry when I first heard the news. Maybe it was the fact that I didn't have a say in the situation, or that I didn't want to go at the time. Nevermind that right now, though. Let me continue.

As I said before, I couldn't control myself. My mother looked shocked during the whole time I was yelling, but I didn't care. Finally I stopped, and the red color in my face faded slightly as I took in long, relaxing breaths. Just as I opened my mouth to yell even more, my mother put a silencing hand on my shoulder and looked at me sternly.

"That's enough. I'm sending you to this boarding school, and although I agree it is a little unfair, I have your best interests at heart and I'm going to take whatever actions necessary to get through to you that being inactive is not healthy, and having atleast one friend in life is important." She rarely ever spoke this sternly and seriously, so I knew she meant business. I stopped yelling, but I proceeded to glare at her. Alot of my anger faded away, so I had myself under control once again.


"ENOUGH, I said." She almost yelled this.

"Fine. I'll go to this stupid boarding school, but I doubt I'll like it, and I promise I won't make any friends." As I said this, I rolled my eyes twice and pressed a foot on my comic out of aggravation. My mother got up, walked towards the door, and turned the doorknob. Before she disappeared into the next room, I spotted her sharp eyes glancing stiffly at me.

So here I am now. My anger all drained up, my head clouded with thoughts about what lies in store for me in the future.

I guess I'll just have to find out for myself.
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