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Project Elemental Master Kiaino-chan! - Story 2

It took a lot of thinking and writing within the dates of July 4th and today to get this story completed. Actually, I hated the original version of Story 2 so much that I wanted to redo the entire thing with a new plot. Took weeks to complete, but it was well worth it. Finally, the 2nd Edition of Story 2 is complete! :D

Title: Project E.M.K! - Story 1 - A Premonition Comes True?! Getting Used To The Word "Fate"!
Start/Finish: 07-04-2005 / 08-09-2005
Summary: When she was dreaming, 16 year old Kiaino Haato is spoken to by an angel...wait, an angel?! Kiaino refuses to believe this and then wakes up to a message that...her parents are in a war?! This is the beginning of God's project to eliminate the greatest threat of the Human World—–—the maker of evil masks, Kimen. This evil mistress wants to enslave the world with her masks of pure evil and hatred and who to stop this? Kiaino Haato. Project Name: Elemental Master Kiaino Haato.
Disclaimer: Okay, PEMK will ALWAYS be ©2005 of me, invader_bs (Buttercup*Samurai, or my real name, Monique C.)! Thank you for reading!

CHAPTER.001//the unruly behavior of an angel...
Unexpectedly, Kiaino Haato's eyes open and couldn't close anymore. Then she shot out of bed when she heard a rustling noise. She is wearing her long-sleeved, white, cotton pajamas with black buttons on it. Suddenly, her lilac eyes notices a head of green hair near the edge of her bed and immediately yells:
Those hazel eyes then came into view, blinking in astonishment.
"Oh, hi Kiaino-chan." Satou greets happily,"What is it?"
"Do you know WHAT time it is?!" Kiaino demands as she picks up her little black alarm clock,"It's...it's..."
"It's what?" Satou asks.
"IT'S 5 IN THE MORNING!!" Kiaino explodes, now even more irritable and cranky,"HOW could you wake me up like this?!"
"I-I-I'm sorry, Kiaino-chan! I promise I won't do it again!" Satou apologises.
"Let's hope it doesn't..because I swear, I WILL throw you out of my parent's balcony!" Kiaino threatens, grabbing Satou by the neck with her kimono.
"Okay okay!" Satou replies nervously,"Please let go of me!"
"Whatever." Kiaino sighs, letting go of the kimono, and a thud following that.
After that, Kiaino decides to take a shower since she has time now. As she takes her shower, nostalgica kicks in, and Kiaino thinks about what happened the day before. Obviously Kiaino never imagined that this would happen. Witnessing living proof of an angel is enough to mess up Kiaino's life. Another thing is the fire that only she could see. Kouji told her that it might be a sign of something that will happen in the future. A premonition so to speak. First of all, Kiaino didn't particularly pay attention to those things along with foretelling the future, fortune cookies (which she already knows THEY are fake), what those fortune tellers would tell her, and other superstitious things. Even she was skeptical when Kouji told her when they were both 13 that he had the ability to see spirits and the deceased. Ever since Kouji (with his shaking right hand) drew pictures of what he had seen, Kiaino finally gave up, and believed Kouji. Besides that, why would he joke around about it? He never did as he was scared of some of these spirits. Even now, Kouji gets the jitters when he sees gruesome-looking spirits. Friendly-lookings always made him shiver a little as well. Kiaino always tried to get Kouji to get rid of his fear, but it never seemed to dissolve.
Sighing, she successfully took a shower and came out of the bathroom with her uniform on and stretching out.
"Ahhh, that was a good shower!" Kiaino exclaims, a wide smile imprinted on her face,"Time to make breakfast!"
And so she picks up her black messinger bag and runs out of her room and down the steps. Something triggers her sense of smell and wonders what this disguisting, burning smell could be. When she got into the kitchen to her right, she is shocked to see Satou trying to make SOMETHING on a pan.
"SATOU-SAN!? What the hell are you doing?!" Kiaino snaps, stomping until she stands behind the green-haired angel.
Finally Satou turns around with an uneasy expression, something burnt to the crisp and smoking on a pan.
"H-H-Hello, Kiaino-chan...eh hehehe.." Satou stutters, her smile twitching with fear.
Kiaino's eyes are widened, her eyebrows arched to reveal her anger.
"WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TRYING TO DO?!" Kiaino yelled, snatching the pan from Satou's hands and throwing it into the sink nearby.
"I-I was trying to make breakfast for you and me.." Satou squeaks, her eyes watering. As she says this, Kiaino turns on the fosset of the sink to douse the smoke and to get rid of the heat in the pan. Steam immediately releases itself from the pan and Kiaino sighs as she realizes that Satou is only trying to help and do something for Kiaino.
"Thank you, Satou-san." Kiaino thanks and she turns around with a smile,"But ask me if you want to use anything in the kitchen...or anywhere that is."
"Huh?" Satou says, confused of Kiaino's reaction. Before this, Kiaino was ready to murder the poor angel. But now...she's smiling. Satou then returned the smile.
"Okay!" Satou answers cheerfully.

CHAPTER.002//the many rumours

"What's wrong, Kiaino-chan?"
"It's Satou-san. This morning, she woke me up at 5 AM when she was "just waking up". What kind of excuse is THAT?! Oh yeah, and she also tried to cook something for herself and me. But she BURNED one of my PANS. Uggh.."
"I see..."
Sitting underneath a large cherry blossom tree sits Kiaino and Kouji, who just finished their lunch and are now talking.
"Maybe the breakfast Satou-san was attempting to make was an apology for what happened earlier." Kouji explains.
"Hmmm now that I think of it...yeah, she probably was." Kiaino sighs as she smiles at Kouji.
"Kiaino-chan! Good afternoon!"
"Huh? Oh, good afternoon to you too, Aiko-chan!" Kiaino greets still smiling.
A girl is running towards Kiaino. She has shoulder-length, light brown hair, brown wide eyes, and the same uniform as Kiaino.
"Good afternoon, Kouji-san." Aiko greets with a sweet little smile.
"Good afternoon, Aiko-san." Kouji replies, now looking at Aiko.
"Ahhhh, Kiaino-chan, did you know what I heard today?" Aiko says loudly, sitting down next to Kiaino.
"Huh? What is it?" Kiaino asks curiously.
"There's going to be a transfer student coming here! In Asoki!" Aiko squeals, her smile spreading across her face.
"Woah, are you serious? Do you know who it's going to be?" Kiaino gasps, as she grasps onto Aiko's shoulders.
"I heard a rumour that it's going to be a boy!" Aiko screams in a fangirl-ish way, glomping Kiaino unexpectedly.
"A boy, huh?" Kiaino replies,"Did you hear who it might be?"
"Well, people aren't that sure. Rumour says that it's Kashikoi Koei!" Aiko squeals.
"Who's that?" Kiaino questions, her expression confused.
"Ehhhh? You don't know who he is? What about you, Kouji-san?" Aiko asks, now looking at Kouji.
"Never heard of him either." Kouji answers, still smiling,"Why? Do you know who he is?"
"Well, I have heard about him from my sister-"
"Wait...your 13 year old sister?" Kiaino interrupts as she pokes Aiko's shoulder,"The one who is obsessive with popular boys?"
"Yeah...Keiko." Aiko sighs, letting go of Kiaino,"She recieves a lot of newspapers from different schools from her pen pals. It's crazy how much mail she gets! Anyways, she found out that Kashikoi Koei is leaving his current school and the reason why is unknown. ALSO the school that he is going to transfer to is unknown as well!"
"Oh course! That Kashikoi Koei-guy probably didn't want anyone stalking him!" Kiaino exclaims.
"AHEM." Aiko grunts, as Kiaino and Kouji exchanged nervous expressions and let Aiko go on,"Anyways from what I heard from Keiko, Kashikoi is one of the most intelligent students in Japan! Though not the most intelligent. But in Keiko's opinion, he is.."
When she says this, her expression turns grim and annoyed, thinking of her young sister, her almost-high pitched voice squealing about Kashikoi Koei and nothing else.
"..the most wonderful existance to live." Aiko sighs,"Honestly I have no idea WHY she thinks HE is the most wonderful existance. I mean, he's OLDER than her!"
"How old is he anyway?" Kiaino asks.
"Same age as you two." Aiko states,"16 years old. Birthday, January 14, 2083. My sister keeps on reciting so much information about him loudly so that's why I know that. Uggh, if ONLY my birthday would come already!"
"Oh yeah, it's on the 24th of this month right?" Kiaino asks,"I really want to make sure I don't give your gifts late...like last year."
"B-belated?" Kiaino asks, wearing her fall uniform at the lockers, her face white as can be.
"Yep. My birthday was yesterday." Aiko sighs,"But it's alright, at least you remembered-"
"NO NO NO! This is unforgiveable! I'll remember the EXACT date of your birthday when you turn 16!" Kiaino yells, obviously disappointed.
"Of course it's the 24th!" Aiko sighs, also recalling that day,"Why can't you just get a calendar and mark it down!?"
"I really should, shouldn't I?" Kiaino says, scratching her head,"I'll get one soon.."
"Whatever. Anyways, I heard what happened yesterday Kiaino-chan. About what you saw." Aiko informs, now looking worried,"Are you alright?"
"H-Huh? Yeah, I'm alright. There's nothing for you to worry about!" Kiaino exclaims, laughing.
"Thank goodness. At first when I heard about you seeing something no one could, it made me think that you might be like Kouji, except you see...different things." Aiko explains.
"Well, as you can see, I'm alright now!" Kiaino exclaims.
"Are you sure? Nothing like this happened to you before." Aiko asks, obviously worried.
"Yup!" Kiaino confirms, grinning.

CHAPTER.003//is the premontion the truth?

"Hey, Kiaino-chan!"
Kiaino is just now just going to step out of the Asoki High School with Kouji when she heard this greeting. She quickly turns her head and sees Aiko standing there behind her.
"Oh! Hi, Aiko-chan." Kiaino said with a little surprise in her voice.
"Can I walk home with you guys?" Aiko asks,"Please?"
"Of course you can!" Kouji replies with a smile.
"Besides that, I don't want anyone to ask Kouji and I if we're a couple, which we're NOT." Kiaino exclaims, a disguisted look imprinted on her face.
"Thank you! Kouji-san! Kiaino-chan!" Aiko thanks, a wide smile on her face.
And so the three friends walked from the school and walked through the path graced with cherry blossoms. Then all of the sudden they heard people screaming and Kiaino smelled smoke. They spun around and saw students running past them and saw a cherry blossom tree burning behind them.
"This can't be happening!" Kiaino yelled, remembering her vision clearly now.
"Who would set this tree on fire?!" Aiko shouted, clearly looking as angry as Kiaino.
The coral-haired girl looked up and a little tiny gray box fell on her forehead.
"Huh?" Kiaino asks, as she grabs the box,"This looks like.."
She opens the box and it reveals a pair of earrings, each of them with a little wing made of opal that is attached to two pearls.
"Mother's earrings.." Kiaino whispers as she remembers her mother's words:
"Don't ever forget about me! To remind you, I give you these earrings that I have worn for many days of my life. And I want to start a tradition and so I give these to you, Kiaino Haato, my daughter. When the time comes, these will have a special purpose."
Kiaino decided that she should put the earrings on, not only because they looked pretty, but because they reminded her of her mother and that she knew that her mother would have wanted her to wear them. She put them on carefully, checking if they're not loose. Since the box is so cardboard-ish and didn't look like the box that her mother contained the earrings in, Kiaino simply threw the box away.
"Kiaino-chan?" Aiko asks,"What's going on?"
"This is what happened in my premonition." Kiaino said,"And..I think I'm the only one who can stop this fire."
"What are you talking about?! We have to call the firemen!" Aiko panics, getting out her silvery cell phone from her messinger bag.
"Don't call them!' Kiaino snaps, clearly not wanting any authorities to get involved,"Remember those shoujo mangas that we read?'
"Huh? What do they have to do with anything?!" Aiko yells back, looking at Kiaino as if she is mentally insane.
"Nevermind!" Kiaino sighs in anger.
"Ah, I just love it when I see mortals not getting along!"
'Huh?!" Kiaino and Aiko say at the same time, now looking at the top of the burning cherry blossom tree.
And there stands a girl, who has short, flippy grayish-blue hair, a mask bearing a menacing, comical expression conceals her face, a fancy, flashy dress in all sorts of florescent colors, and boots that are also florescent and hi-heeled. She has a pair of petite, black demon wings that seems innocent, yet it smells of blood from past victims who had interfered in her plans. She didn't have any weapons and didn't care about the fire beneath her.
"I finally meet the daughter of that Nigiyaka Haato!" the masked girl sneers, her voice intimidating and unnaturally high.
"Who are you?!" Kiaino demands, pointing at the girl.
"Hmm...it should be obvious but I guess I'm going to have to reveal myself anyway." the girl sighs, expression not changing on the mask,"The name in which I was born with will not be revealed, however. I am simply known as Masuku-hime to my followers and known as Kimen to those who oppose me. Call me Kimen, because you are automatically my enemy."
After saying this, Kimen simply giggles, sounding very shrill and cold. Kiaino simply stares at the evil being, like Kouji and Aiko, who are behind Kiaino a few yards.
" ' What should I do? ' " Kiaino thinks, her eyes glued to the masked evil mistress.
"But I cannot stay for very long, so I'm going to leave this destruction to one of my followers, whom you won't need to know her name because you'll die anyway.." Kimen sighs casually and with a blink of an eye, she disappears.
"Wha...?!" Kiaino questions, all words lost after she began to say 'what'.
"...?!" Kiaino looks up and sees yet, another girl falling---or rather, flying towards her. This girl has short blonde hair with red at the ends, her eyes are narrow, bright orange, and grab more of Kiaino's attention because she has a ton of black makeup on. She wears a red, leather dress that goes down to her thighs, and nothing supports it to her shoulders. There is also a belt at the top of this tube dress. The silver belt supports a red, firey jewel. Strangely, no shoes are worn by this female. Instead, there are black wings on her back, looking very much real. Her skin is a pasty white. Kiaino immediately snaps into reality and jumps out of the woman's way, stumbling backwards. Smoke erupts from where the woman lands and when it clears, she stands in a sluttish fashion, one hand on her hip and the other creating spits of fire from a finger. A devilish smile widens and her eyes stare at Kiaino.
"Why hello, Haa~to." the woman greets, her voice mature and just like her pose: slutty.
"Who the hell are you?!" Kiaino yells, frustrated of everything that is happening in one day.
"Hmm, you sure sound stubborn." the woman comments,"My name is Alice, but I don't think that'd be any use of your's now would it?"
Words started to form in Kiaino's mind and she decided to follow her body's direction. Her two hands clasped together to pray. "Heaven..help me in this time when peace being disrupted..." her earrings started to glow,"And let me destroy the cause of this destruction! I, the Elemental Master, will bring back the peace!" she glowed in different colors of the rainbow. Then the colors went into her and she spun around twice rapidly. Her eyes blinked open, wondering what just happened. Suddenly there wasn't time for questions and Kiaino dodged a fist of Alice's, and it was on fire. Kiaino took some steps back and noticed that she felt lighter than usual. More fists headed for Kiaino, but she dodged every one of them with ease. Then the lilac-eyed girl glanced and saw the jewel on Alice's dress glowing like fire.
" ' Maybe I could destroy that thing.. ' " Kiaino thinks," ' Maybe she won't have any powers..? I'll give it a shot! ' "
After Kiaino dodged another punch from Alice, she jumped backwards.
"Heh, look's like I underestimated you, Haato." the woman managed to breathe out,"Now I'm going to have to pull out my big guns!"
"W-wha...?!" Kiaino stutters, not sure what she meant by that.
But then, Alice held out her open hands right beside each other and with a "ha", fire bursted out of those hands. Kiaino immediately dodged the flames, shocked at what she just saw. Every time the trampy-dressed woman shot a burst of flames, Kiaino dodged each one.
"Come ON!" Alice yells,"Stop being defensive and go on offense!"
"Heh, if you want me to, I will." Kiaino laughs, and stops moving.
A smirk appears on her face when Alice comes near Kiaino with her flaming hand. Kiaino dodged her fist and punched the jewel with a lot of effort. She felt an odd sensation when this happened along with feeling the hardness of the jewel's exterior. For a moment, those lilac eyes had a flash of red, but only for a few seconds. Alice's eyes widened in shock as the punch made a crack in the jewel and Kiaino immediately took advantage of this by punching Alice's stomach with her other hand. The woman clutched her stomach and stared at Kiaino with her fiery eyes like daggers.
"Heh...you found my weakness.." Alice chokes, trying not to get something out of her system.
Finally the evil spirit within her gave up and flew out of Alice's mouth as a little streak of transparent, red oxygen. It dissolved in the air and Alice layed there on the ground, limp and unable to gather any strength to get herself up.
"Where....am I?" the woman managed to breathe out,"....why...am I here?"
Kiaino is shocked by this. When she took another look at Alice, those red eyes are now brown and her skin isn't so pale anymore. Perhaps the demon took over her original self...? Kiaino thought about this as she walked towards Alice and kneeled next to her.
"You really can't remember?" Kiaino asks, now curious if Alice is lying or not.
"The last thing I remembered was being with my sisters.." Alice sighs,"...and Masuku. Didn't want to be associated with her. I guess she did something to change my mind or something..."
She coughs after this, clearly weak after the jewel being broken.
"...kill me, please." Alice managed to request,"..and...if you ever see any of my sisters, promise me that you'll tell them that I am resting in peace."
"..I promise." Kiaino accepts, understanding that after what she had gone through, Alice didn't want to go back to her supposed 'master'.
" ' Innocent soul, be free from the reign of Kimen. Rest in peace! ' "
Those words came into Kiaino's mind and she wonders what they meant. But she decided to try saying them:
"Innocent soul...be free from the reign of Kimen. Rest in peace!" Kiaino shouts and a bright, white light flashes from Kiaino's hands.
After this, Kiaino blinked her eyes, wondering what had just happened. Alice is gone from the face of the Earth. Gone. The coral-haired girl sighs, sitting there on the ground. She looked around her and there stands Kouji. No sign of Aiko anywhere. The blonde walks to Kiaino and asks:
"Are you alright, Kiaino-chan?"
"Heh. I guess so." Kiaino sighs,"I guess that premonition was real. The tree really did burn..but...it seems unaffected now."
"It does.." Kouji says distantly, looking at the tree that didn't get burned after all.
"Kouji-san?" Kiaino asks, now looking up to him.
"Huh? What is it?" Kouji replies, now paying attention to Kiaino.
"Being this...'elemental master'..is this my fate?" Kiaino asks.
"Well..after all that has happened, I'm not very sure." Kouji answers,"Why?"
"Hmph." Kiaino grunted,"Now that I can see that the vision was real, my so-called 'mission' is real, angel and devils are real...I'm going to have to get used to words like 'fate' and 'premonition'. Oh yeah, where's Aiko-chan?"
"Well, I suggested that she go home and she agreed in shock." Kouji informs.
"Heh, is that so?" Kiaino replies,"I guess I'm gonna need to explain what happened today..."
She takes a deep breath, taking in what just happened. At first, she thought that these things would only happen in fantasy adventure books of every sort. But now, Kiaino Haato can see that it can actually happen. The things people call "fantasy", "magic", and other words of the sort can become reality.
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