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The Writer's Project
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Welcome to the Writer's Project. I ask that you follow the rules, and READ them carefully before joining.

{ About This Community }
The Writer's Project is a community for amateur writer's looking to expand their creative skills and ideas through writing. Whether it be fanfiction or original piece of work, all is welcome.

{ Rules }
PLEASE follow them or you will be BOOTED from the community. I kid you not.

Rule #1: As a writer, you respect C&C if you so request it. You also must respect the work of other members in the community. Any racial, rudeness, making someone appear lower than you, or any sort of indecency among other pieces of work will get you automatically deleted from the community. THIS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Rule #2: All work presented by the author MUST be your own. I will not tolerate plagerism or anything that originates from another author.

Rule #3: If you use an idea, name, or object already used in someone else's story, you will either have to obtain permission from the original author, or offer credit where necessary.

Rule #4: You are allowed to post fanart in separate entries as long as you put in the subject the title of your story the art is contributed towards. Please place artwork behind an LJ-cut. If you have a fanart for someone else's story, include the title of their story in the subject line.

Rule #5: All chapters MUST be behind an LJ cut. You must also include a basic summary before your cut. DO NOT place summary behind the LJ-cut.

Rule #6: If you are using someone else's characters such as an anime or video game character, include a disclaimer. It's also recommended that you include a disclaimer if the work is your own. For example: Disclaimer: Pita Ten created by Koge Donbo. This story is only for fan-made purposes. Do not confuse this as official.

Rule #7: Please use decent grammar. No shit talk. No TYPE LYK DIS111111 HEY U GUS WAT? ASLDJsakjdlkjweoasdkad. Shutup. :D</b>

Rule #8: Don't steal other writer's works on this or any other community.</b>

Rule #9: HAVE FUN WITH THIS!! BE AS CREATIVE AS YOU WANT TO BE!!!! Welcome to the community! ^_^