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Project Elemental Master Kiaino-chan! - Story 1

Oh yes, I finally finished the 2nd edition of Project E.M.K! Story 1, heck yes. (Note that the full title is Project Elemental Master Kiaino-chan! with the '!'. X3) Is it a semi-cliffhanger at the end? Hrm. Not really. Enough with the notes, HERE IS THE 1ST OF MANY 2ND EDITIONS OF MY STORY SERIES! And yes, this DOES have a logo. XD

Title: Project E.M.K! - Story 1 - Destiny At It's Fullest?! The Project Begins!
Summary: When she was dreaming, 16 year old Kiaino Haato is spoken to by an angel...wait, an angel?! Kiaino refuses to believe this and then wakes up to a message that...her parents are in a war?! This is the beginning of God's project to eliminate the greatest threat of the Human World—–—the maker of evil masks, Kimen. This evil mistress wants to enslave the world with her masks of pure evil and hatred and who to stop this? Kiaino Haato. Project Name: Elemental Master Kiaino Haato.
Disclaimer: Okay, PEMK will ALWAYS be ©2005 of me, invader_bs (Buttercup*Samurai, or my real name, Monique C.)! Thank you for reading!

CHAPTER.001//reality or dream?

The sky is filled with pitch black and dark, yet wispy clouds. The full moon illuminated the clouds and a grassy hill. A girl stands there, her bare feet used to the cold blades of grass. Her coral hair graced her shoulders, her wide lilace eyes gazing at the moon.
"Good evening, Kiaino Haato." a voice greeted, quietly echoing.
"W-wha...who are you?!" Kiaino demanded,"And how do you know my name?!"
"To answer the first question, my name is Satou. I am an angel working for the almighty existance that IS God. And to answer the second question, God told me all about you, young 16 year-old Japanese female. Your parents are named Antan and Nigiyaka Haato, and currently located in Asoki, Japan."
"Hold on...you're an angel?! That's amazing!" Kiaino squeals,"Why are you in my dream?"
"Well...it's not exactly a dream, so to speak." Satou informs.
"Not a dream?"
"Yes. Touch that grass, doesn't it feel real?"
Kiaino bends down to sit onto the grass and feel the grass with the both of her hands carefully.
"Woah, it does feel real!" Kiaino shouts.
"Exactly right. Kiaino-chan, this is reality."
Kiaino couldn't believe what she just heard. This is real? Hearing an actual voice of an angel?! Thoughts like these swarmed around her head but she still manages to ask:
"Why are you here!?"
"To send a message that can only be known by you and the people you completely trust." Satou answers.
"Then what's the message?"
"Hold on just a second."
Pure silence awaited for the presence of a voice for a minute or two. Finally Satou informs:
"Listen to every word I say, Kiaino-chan:
"There is this evil mistress named Masuku. She used to exist in the Afterworld, where people who weren't born or didn't live their life to the fullest on Earth live and prosper. They pick a specific age they want to stay at forever. She had 1 to no friends, but was nice to everyone. However she had constant mental pain from her parents and other people her age who bully her, which is between probably 16 to 18 years old. When she finally had enough of all of this pain, she got a blank ceramic mask, painted a face (she is pretty good at art, I must say) on it that expressed her deepest pain and anger, and strapped it on her face. All of her pain leaked into the mask and she felt much better after years of pain and suffering. So now she runs away from home and the Afterworld. Her only true friend tried to stop her, but failed. The mask slowly controlled Masuku's spirit, and her body. Little by little of her personality withered away and the mask gained complete control and started to execute evil doings. God has watched her closely, seeing her evil actions, and gave her the nickname, Kimen. That is what everyone calls her now, so from now on, shall call Masuku, Kimen for now on. Kimen is now collecting an army of demon, devils, evil spirits, cyclops, etcetera etcetera. Some even created by her! I'd say the number of members of that army is about 10 thousand right now, but slowly decreasing because of their lack of life span and the militia of Heaven killing those filthy souls as well. But Kimen is still strong and uses her powers of limitless evil. Thus she has many scientists who figure out ways to increase demon life spans and creating stronger demons for her army. Oh yeah, and Kimen's goal is to rule the entire world and inslave it. And perish the human race. Now I hate that mask even more now!
"This same message was sent to your mother, Nigiyaka, when she was your age. God specificly chose this linage of children because of their amazing athletic skills and courage. And you, Kiaino, is given the same task as your ancestors and mother. And yet Kimen hasn't been destroyed yet. Your goal, quest or whatever you want to call it is to destroy Kimen's army (at LEAST some of it) and most of all destroy her. But the mask is your best bet to destroy, since you wouldn't want to kill that innocent soul as well!"
"So, when will I see Kimen and what am I supposed to do to get to her?" Kiaino asked.
"Er....well....uh....didn't get any news about that yet. I'll get it to you when I come to you in person next time, eh heh heh.
"You're not ready for Kimen yet. And she knows that too. Therefore she is going to just send her henchmen to kill you. What you need to do is to destroy those demons that try to devistate your city. But you will get hints where they are and what they are doing. The demons WILL battle you UNTIL you are dead, unless you kill them first. When you kill them, you get their powers... elemental powers. Like water, fire, plant, etcetera. Those demons are specificly picked by Kimen herself and she trys to manipulate the order of elemental demons. But I believe in you, (Wow, already? Are you surprised!?) and I know that you can defintely destroy Kimen. Your mission, quest or whatever starts TODAY! Yes that's exactly right, today! See you at the next full moon!"
"WHAT?!" Kiaino yelled, confused. She found herself awake in her lilac bed sheets.
" ' Was that really reality?' " she thought to herself, getting up. She yawned and put her feet in her slippers. Then she notices a letter on her drawer.
" 'Oh no, does this have to do with my 'quest' too?' " She picked it up and read it:

Dear our dearest daughter,
The Japanese military is sending us to return to military service today, since we have refused other offers they have given us. It seems we are going to war with America because they wanted us to stand by and cooperate with them when we heard they were creating nuclear weapons in order to destroy the terrorists in the Middle East. Therefore, we have to travel to America in order to try to stop the Americans from making these dangerous weapons.
We love you with all of our lives and hope that we will come home very soon! Don't worry about the bills: we payed for them already and the Japanese government is doing SOMETHING about it. Though we have no idea WHAT. Hope to see you very soon!
Love: Your loving parents, Antan and Nigiyaka Haato.

"What the hell is happening to my life?!" Kiaino demands as she kicks her bed post. She then glances at the time: It is 6:50 AM. Then she remembers that it is Monday.
"School!" Kiaino yells and she immediately goes into a panic and begins to get ready for school.

CHAPTER.002//something no one will understand?
Bursting out of a pale blue house is Kiaino Haato, in her school uniform. It consists of a white long-sleeved shirt under a black tuxedo shirt, a khaki bow hanging from her neck, a khaki skirt that goes down to her knees, socks that went above her knees, and mary-jane black shoes. She slammed the small fence door that was in her way and ran down the sidewalk. Many houses of different hues passed by her. A voice called out to her, saying "Good morning, Kiaino-chan!" and she stopped running.
"Ah, good morning, Kouji-san!" Kiaino greets, running across the street.
The person she is running to is a boy with short, pale blonde hair, bangs that swept to the right side of his face. His eyes are a shade of evergreen, wide with a curiosity of the world around him. He wears a uniform like Kiaino's, in terms of the shirt. But he wears khaki pants and has a khaki tie. Also he obviously doesn't wear mary-jane shoes. He is wearing a pair of gray sneakers. As you can tell by these sneakers, he doesn't exactly want to be uncomfortable in a pair of dress shoes.
Kiaino finally reached him and sighs as she smiles.
"Shall we..?" Kiaino asks, grinning,"Go to the hell that is school?"
"Kiaino-chan, school isn't hell." Kouji sighs,"And yet...sure, let's go."
And so the two friends began to walk quickly to school. Their friendship started way back. When they were both the age of 5 and Kiaino's family first moved into the quiet neighborhood that is many blocks from the bustling city of Asoki. The parents of Kiaino, Antan and Nigiyaka, introduced themselves to their neighbors across the street. The Aibetsuriku's. Kiaino and Kouji quickly became friends, playing with each other at their school, playing with each other out of school, and doing things normal 5 year olds would do.
Finally, the two got to school in time. Asoki High School is a huge school, with countless windows that reflect the morning sun, the color gray of the wall surrounding those windows, and a brown double-door entrance that Kiaino and Kouji ran into. They go through a hallway, on both sides are doors or sometimes plain wall or perhaps once in a while entrances to bathrooms. Kiaino then opens a door and it reveals a classroom. Immediately as she comes in, a red-haired boy glomps her. It disguists her and pushes the boy away.
"What the hell, Kaosu-baka!?" Kiaino yells as she backs away from Kaosu and heads for her seat close to the back and near a window.
"Good morning, Kiaino-tan!" Kaosu greets, his dark brown eyes shining.
He wears the same uniform as Kouji, and his hair is a slightly dark red and extremely wavy. And he has an extremely cocky grin that made Kiaino even more disguisted.
"Leave me alone, Kaosu-baka." Kiaino sighs as she sits in her chair.
Eventually (after countless shouts of "Go away!" from Kiaino), Kaosu walked to his seat, which is definitely across the room from Kiaino, disappointed at the results of the morning. Suddenly the door bursts open–—and an energetic woman walks proudly into the room with her black business bag that matched her shining hair that went below her shoulders. Her eyes are a regular shade of brown, but are full of vibrant emotion. She wears a short-sleeved white t-shirt and a long, flowy lilac skirt. A bang of a desk comes from her hands as they slam against her teacher's desk.
"Good morning, my students!" she greets happily with a smile full of determination of teach.
"Good morning!" the students reply in their utmost best to fool the teacher that they are full of energy to learn.

And so, the learning begins for this 2nd day of September. Fall is yet to begin, but the cold weather arrives early and the students thus decide to wear their fall-winter uniforms. Kiaino sits at her desk, trying her hardest to listen to her teacher, but her attention span wasn't exactly long-lasting. She decides to look out the window next to her and looks at the cherry blossom trees that rustle slightly from the calm wind. Her lilac eyes are hypnotised by this. Suddenly something catches her attention—smoke coming from one of the trees. Then she looks down and spots a fire at the base of one cherry blossom tree. As soon as she saw this, she immediately stood up from her seat. The teacher is in the middle of her lesson.
"Haato-san? What is wrong?" she asks, worried of Kiaino's expression of shock.
Fire was all Kiaino could say as she looks down. But no matter how hard everyone looks…
There are no signs of smoke or fire.

CHAPTER.003//shocking reality.
Kiaino layed on that nurse's bed for many hours. She is brooding on what happened. How everyone told her there was no fire. But she saw that fire. She knew that fire existed. Her eyes never lied. Unless…maybe they are this time? After all of this thinking, she concluded that she should forget about the entire happening. But after many attempts to sleep, she couldn't forget. Every time she is about to develop a dream, it envelops in flames. At that moment, Kiaino's lilac eyes would open in shock. Finally she sleeps without any flames within. Then she feels a nudge and opens her eyes slowly. Kouji's presence shocked her and she pulls back from him.
"K-K-Kouji-san!" Kiaino stutters loudly.
"Good afternoon, Kiaino-chan." Kouji greets.
"What are you doing here? And what do you mean by 'afternoon'?" Kiaino interrogates.
"School has ended for the day." Kouji informs with a smile.
"Are you serious?!" Kiaino asks.
"Positively serious." Kouji answers.
"Really serious? Really REALLY serious?" Kiaino repeats, not believing what Kouji just told her.
"Look at the time, since that doesn't lie." Kouji suggests as he points behind him to the clock.
She looks at the clock and sure enough, it is 2:52.
"Wow, I sure slept for a long time!" Kiaino laughs.
"Yeah you did. I was surprised you even slept for that long!" Kouji jokes,"Anyways, we should both get home."
"Yeah, we should!" Kiaino exclaims, grinning.
And so Kouji waited patiently for Kiaino to gather her things from the classroom (with some additional interrogation from her worried teacher) and began to walk home. Then Kiaino saw where the fire used to be, the base of the tree looking like charcoal.
"Kouji-san?" Kiaino asks as she still looks at the tree's base.
"What is it, Kiaino-chan?" Kouji replies, his walking stopped.
"You know...what happened this morning?" Kiaino says quietly.
"Of course I did, I do sit right next to you in class you know!" Kouji exclaims,"Anyways, what about it?"
"Well...I can see the remains of that fire. Of course, everyone else including you can't see it..." Kiaino sighs,"I wonder why I'm the only one who can see it?"
"I have no idea...maybe it's a sign of something." Kouji suggests.
"A sign?" Kiaino repeats, now looking at Kouji.
"Yeah! It might be a sign that something might happen to you or others...it could mean a lot of things!" Kouji explains.
"'No...that dream cannot be true! This can't possibly be a sign that something bad might happen!'" Kiaino thought with panic.
"What's wrong, Kiaino-chan?" Kouji asks with concern.
"A-ah, nothing! Well, actually...it is something. But...I can't talk about it here." Kiaino confesses.
"Perhaps we can discuss this at your house.." Kouji suggests.
"That's a good idea, Kouji-san! Let's go there now!" Kiaino exclaims as she grabs a hold of Kouji's arm and runs through the path that leads to the school.
Cherry blossom trees lined up on each side of the path, petals gently carried in the breeze. As Kiaino drags him to her house, Kouji's eyes admired the cherry blossom tree's beauty. When they got to Kiaino's house, the coral-haired girl let go of Kouji's arm and unlocked her front door. As soon as she opened the door, she slipped off her shoes, let Kouji inside, and closed the door. Kiaino sat down on the couch and Kouji did the same, next to her.
"Kouji...this morning, I had this dream..it was so weird." Kiaino begins, staring at the ceiling.
Then she explained the entire dream and her thoughts on how it might be connected to the fire. Then she told Kouji that right after waking up, she found out that her parents left to the military.
"No wonder you were so quiet today..." Kouji sighs, looking at Kiaino with thoughtful eyes,"I'm sorry...about your parents."
"It's alright with me." Kiaino answers, smiling,"Fighting to stop something horrible from happening. I guess if this dream is reality..then I'm going to have to stop something even bigger than what they are fighting."
"Kiaino-chan.." Kouji says with concern.
"But don't worry, I'll be strong. If I fall, I know you'll help me up again." Kiaino continues, now looking at Kouji with a bright, encouraging smile.
Kouji then smiled as well. He knew she would try to stay positive.
"Of course I will." Kouji states.
Suddenly Kiaino heard a slight noise from upstairs. She stood up and looked up, waiting to hear something else.
"Kiaino-chan, what—" Kouji began.
"Shh!" Kiaino whispers harshly at Kouji, quickly glancing at him and looking back up.
Finally, she hears another sound and it sounded like a female voice. The coral-haired girl now begins to run upstairs and turns to her right and slams her parent's bedroom door open. The glass sliding door that leads to a balcony is covered—by a strange woman.
"What the he—" Kiaino asks, staring at the woman with wide, shocked eyes.
This woman is no ordinary woman: She is an angel, with tiny snowy wings, an ivory robe, long sea green hair and bright almond eyes. She appears to be older compared to Kiaino, about 20-30 years old.
"OPEN...THE DOOR." the angel shouts, banging on the door.
Kiaino runs to the window and the angel immediately flies inside and Kiaino closes the door. Kouji appeared in the doorway, and couldn't believe what he sees. The angel finally stops flying, resting on Kiaino's parent's huge bed.
"Ahhh, that was so close!" the angel sighs.
"W-who are you? Why are you here?" Kiaino asks, still in shock of what is in front of her.
"Ah! Hello!" the angel chirps, smiling brightly,"My name is Satou and I'm here to protect you, Kiaino-chan!"
"Protect...me?" Kiaino asks,"Why? I can protect myself!"
"Believe me, you can't protect yourself against the evil you're going to face." Satou answers, now looking at Kiaino in a serious stare,"Now you can see that your 'dream' is reality. No doubt about it, this is real."
Kiaino stands in front of Satou, in shock.
"What were you run-or flying from?" Kiaino asks nervously.
"Ah, some humans saw me and I was trying to run from them and when they were gone, I flew away." Satou explains, sighing.
"Heh, I can only imagine." Kiaino snickers quietly.
"What was that, Kiaino-chan?" Satou asks.
"Ah! Nothing, nothing!" Kiaino replies, waving her hands in front of her as she simultaneously shakes her head sideways.
"Hey, who's that human behind you?" Satou asks again, finally noticing a Kouji in shock,"Ah, is he your lover?!"
"N-N-NO! He isn't my lover!" Kiaino shouts angerly, but then calms down,"He's my best friend, Kouji Aibetsuriku."
"Ah, so I see...it's very nice to meet you, Kouji-kun." Satou chirps, smiling brightly.
"It's nice to meet you too, Satou-san." Kouji greets, calmly smiling.
"Ne, Kiaino-chan?" Satou asks.
"What is it now?" Kiaino sighs.
"Since I have injured myself on the way here, perhaps I can stay here for a while?" Satou requests, her almond eyes staring at Kiaino.
Kiaino then stares at Satou, irritated.
"WHAT?" Kiaino shouts, obviously annoyed by Satou already.
"Don't worry! I'll always stay in the house...and I'll help you in your mission!" Satou offers, now bowing,"Please let me stay!"
Kiaino then looks at how desperate she is. Finally she sighs and answers:
"Fine, you can stay here. But.."
"But?" Satou asks.
"...answer any questions I'll ask you with a valid answer AND don't get on my last nerve, got it?" Kiaino requests.
"Of course, Kiaino-chan! I definitely will remember these things and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to stay here!" Satou answers happily.
"Whatever.." Kiaino sighs,"Well, my life will be interesting now will it?"
Her lilac eyes gaze out the glass doors. The stars illuminated the night sky and it almost felt like her dream...but it wasn't complete...without the moon.
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