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Project Elemental Master Kiaino-chan! - Chapter 3

When I finished this chapter and posted an entry in my journal on how happy I am on finishing it and BG knocked some sense into my head. Therefore the stories shall from now on be called "chapters" like they should be and the little sections in the stories as (example) 01 of 03. Hopefully that would make sense. Or should I have the chapters titles and the dividing section titles as something more creative? Please suggest some things! XDD

Title: Project E.M.K! - Chapter 3 - A Deadly Bouquet of Flowers?! The Pursuit of Love!
Start/Finish: 8-09-2005 / 9-07-2005
Summary: When she was dreaming, 16 year old Kiaino Haato is spoken to by an angel...wait, an angel?! Kiaino refuses to believe this and then wakes up to a message that...her parents are in a war?! This is the beginning of God's project to eliminate the greatest threat of the Human World—–—the maker of evil masks, Kimen. This evil mistress wants to enslave the world with her masks of pure evil and hatred and who to stop this? Kiaino Haato. Project Name: Elemental Master Kiaino Haato.
Disclaimer: Okay, PEMK will ALWAYS be ©2005 of me, invader_bs (Buttercup*Samurai, or my real name, Monique C.)! Thank you for reading!

01 of 03//finally an explaination!
Days have been normaller than usual for Kiaino ever since that day in which she fought a demon. It is an odd feeling, not having to face any demons. Ever since then, Satou has been quite serious with her. In fact, she wanted Kiaino to get used to her powers.
"Okay.. I have powers?!" Kiaino asks, not believing Satou.
"Again Kiaino, YES YOU DO." Satou snaps, her teeth baring.
"Okay okay!" Kiaino reassures,"Just tell me what these powers are."
"Fine." Satou sighs,"As you had noticed from battling that demon yesterday, you felt lighter in weight and your physical attacks are more powerful than before your transformation."
"Wait...I didn't transform at all!" Kiaino informs, waving her hands around.
"Uggh, I shouldn't have described it that way.." Satou growls,"Hmm...maybe as a 'power up'?"
"That works much better than 'transformation'." Kiaino agrees.
"ANYWAYS, those earrings are very VERY important." Satou explains,"You should not take them off AT ALL. Make sure if they're on your ears AT ALL TIMES."
"Got it." Kiaino replies.
"Now let me explain to you about your powers." Satou begins,"One of them is being able to control elements that you obtain the power to control. You have gotten the power to control the element of fire. Also when you get powered up, your strength is enhanced. This means that you can lift things you can't normally lift AND you will be able to move much faster since you can carry yourself easier."
"Wow, this is so unreal..." Kiaino gasps, now holding her hands.
"Now, it's time to get used to these powers." Satou informs,"I'm going to train you starting today."
"What?!" Kiaino yells.
"You're going to need it Kiaino-chan." Satou explains,"Because more enemies are going to come after you. Servants of Kimen. Also you need to obtain the 3 other elements: plants, water, and lightning. Those are currently contained in 3 other people that are most likely servants of Kimen. You have to defend yourself with the powers that you have now. And believe me, I think you need the training."
"...alright. Train me." Kiaino replies seriously, her hands now on her sides.
"That's the spirit!" Satou cheers, now looking not-so-serious,"Now, I want you to control a flame on one finger."
"Huh..?" Kiaino says in surprises,"That should be easy."
Kiaino clasped her two hands together to pray. "Heaven..help me in this time when peace being disrupted..." her earrings started to glow,"And let me destroy the cause of this destruction! I, the Elemental Master, will bring back the peace!" she glowed in different colors of the rainbow. Then the colors went into her and she spun around twice rapidly.
"Okay, let's do this!" Kiaino shouts confidently,"...er, how do I even use my fire powers?"
"Just say the name of the element!" Satou answers.
"Wow, that simple? Alright!" Kiaino cheerfully says,"FIRE!"
Immediately a flash of red appeared and vanished within her eyes. Then she raised her pointer finger of her right hand and closes her eyes. It takes some minutes to eventually control a flame above her finger. She opens her eyes and a grin appeared on her face.
"Woah, that was harder than I thought!" Kiaino exclaims,"What's next, Satou-san?"
"Now you will control fire on the pointer fingers of each hand, at the same time." Satou explains,"Begin!"
"Right!" Kiaino replies.
She keeps her eyes open this time and tries very hard to imagine one flame on each finger. A tear of presperation travels down the side of Kiaino's face. Finally, both flames appeared on each finger at the same time.
"Yes!" Kiaino cheers, looking at the flames.
"That's all for today!" Satou announces,"I need to take a nap.."
"What?!" Kiaino shouts, still controlling the flames.
"Keep on practicing!" Satou encourages, now flying up the stairs (on her feet that is).
"Fine, I will. I'll definitely surprise you." Kiaino snickers, still controlling the fire while standing next to her couch.

02 of 03//they've gotten a hold on us..

The sun brightly in the clear, light blue sky. It's light shines through the white curtains of Kiaino's room. The coral-haired girl still lays within her black and white covers, sleeping peacefully. One minute passes and countless alarm sounds beep throughout the room. Finally those lilac eyes slowly open and tryed to stifle a yawn. Finally she gets off of her back and shuts off the alarm with the slam of her hand. Her eyes now glance at those red numbers and jumps out of bed. She stretches and starts to get ready for school. While taking off her white pajamas, she thought about her future. 4 more servants of Kimen are going to assassinate her. She sighs as she pulls on her white, long-sleeved polo shirt.
"How long is this going to go on for..?" Kiaino yawns.
After pulling on her v-neck, longsleeved black shirt, her khaki skirt, and her long white socks, Kiaino picks up her black messinger bag and runs out of her room. Running down the steps, she hears a beep of her toaster. Immediately she reminds herself that Satou makes her a quick breakfast of 2 bread slices with butter spread on them.
"Good morning, Kiaino-chan~!" Satou greets cheerfully, bursting with energy.
"Good morning, Satou-san." Kiaino replies with a smile,"You really don't need to make me breakfast."
"But I must do something to repay you for letting me stay!" Satou insists, giving Kiaino the plate with those two slices of bread.
"Well I thought the training was enough AND letting me sleep!" Kiaino sighs, taking the plate and stuffing one into her mouth.
"To me, it is not enough." Satou informs, now motioning her pointer fingers back and forth.
Kiaino doesn't reply, dispite finishing finishing one slice of bread. She checks her gray sports watch and her eyes widen. Quickly she swallows the second piece of bread, shoves the plate into Satou's hands, and hurries to the foyer. She slips her black shoes on and before Satou knew it, Kiaino hurriedly yells "I'm going to school now!" and a slam of the door echoes throughout the house. Satou sighs and goes off to wash dishes.

Running to school and checking her watch countless times per minute, Kiaino can't believe that she is going to be late for school. She notices that people are not running or hurring to school, like herself. Then she looks at the time again and sighs:
She had mistaken the time.
"What the hell is wrong with my eyes..." Kiaino sighs, rubbing them.
She got past the gate and into the locker room (NOTE: Not sure what this room is called..it's where students change their shoes...I think). Kiaino drags her feet to her little locker and opens it. Something falls out and Kiaino manages to grab it before it hit the ground. Her cheeks turned into a shade of pink and her expression shocked and bewildered.
"What is this?!" Kiaino demands, looking at a bouquet of flowers in her hands.
"Eh heeheehee..." a voice laughs.
Kiaino felt two hands on her chest and looked down at them. She suddenly turns around and yells:
And the pervert is the red-head, Kaosu. His facial expression shocked that Kiaino would call him such a word.
"A-ah! I'm sorry, Kiaino-chan." Kaosu apologized nervously,"I didn't mean to touch you there!"
"Whatever. What do you want?" Kiaino demands, now holding the flowers tightly in one hand and her expression saying that she wants the truth.
"Well...I need to tell you something." Kaosu answers in a serious tone,"I-"
Immediately Kiaino and Kaosu turned their heads to the entrance of this locker room. There emerges a Kouji you don't normally see: an annoyed Kouji. And attached onto his back is a girl with long blonde hair in a ponytail, clear ocean-blue eyes, and the same uniform as Kiaino. The coral-haired girl gives out a frustrated sigh, now walking over to them.
"What the hell are you doing now, Chinatsu-san..?" Kiaino asks, glaring at the blonde.
"Oh, it's YOU, Haato." Chinatsu sneers, as she gets herself off of Kouji's back,"I was simply talking to Kouji-sama."
"On his back..?" Kiaino sighs, looking at Chinatsu suspiciously.
"I didn't feel the need to walk. And he wanted to carry me to school." Chinatsu explains.
"Is this true, Kouji-san..?" Kiaino asks, now looking at Kouji.
He simply nodded slowly, clearly looking as if he had no sleep for 4 days.
"Uggh, you should really get some exercise.." Kiaino snickers.
"Don't you DARE insult me, Haato!" Chinatsu screechs,"You ruffian!"
"Hah, well at least I'm not a spoiled bitch like you!" Kiaino insults, ready to beat up Chinatsu.
"Ahhh, bring it on Haato!" Chinatsu now taunts, her hands on her hips.
The bell now rings and students start to rush though those double doors into the school.
"Shall we schedule this for another time?" Chinatsu offers, a snide grin curling across her face.
"Fine by me." Kiaino agrees, gathering her school things and then placing that bouquet of flowers in her locker.
Kiaino hears Chinatsu's footsteps echo and fade away. She sighs and takes a quick look at the flowers. After this she picks up her school things, slams her locker door shut and walk to class.

03 of 03//stressful life.
Standing on a bridge over a river, the lilac-eyed girl gazes at the sunset along with her best friend. She holds the bouquet of flowers and sighs.
"Still thinking about Kaosu-san?" Kouji asks, looking at Kiaino.
"Huh? Somewhat.." Kiaino sighs again, glancing at the bouquet of flowers,"Maybe he really does like me. It's pretty obvious now that he has given me a bouquet of flowers. I have no idea what to do, since I have always thought of him as an idiot."
"Perhaps you don't know him as well as you think." Kouji explains, turning his head to the warm and dark hues of the sky,"Maybe you should give him a chance...get to know him better."
"Maybe I should...just not now." Kiaino replies softly, holding a long gaze on those flowers,"I don't feel like getting into something else important...since I have this Elemental Master title...and my parents overseas. It's too much right now, you know?"
"Yeah." Kouji sighs, now resting his head onto the bridge's ledge.
He stares out into the sky and the sun, the firey hues lightly painted on his face. Kiaino still looks at the flowers deep into thought. It's too much...dealing with two major happenings in life.
" 'I should wait...I should wait so that I could get used to this..then I'll give Kaosu-baka a chance.' " Kiaino thinks.
Suddenly these thoughts got interrupted...cut off. Flashes of huge green vines surrounding a shadow enter Kiaino's unprepared mind. Then the vines are burned by a fire. Before she could even tell Kouji about this vision, the bouquet of flowers flew out of her hands so fast that Kiaino fell back.
"Kiaino-chan!" Kouji yells, dropping down to Kiaino's aide.
The bouquet of flowers levitated into the air. Then suddenly the stems of those flowers began to grow rapidly and the flowers breaking apart. Before they knew it, the bouquet of flowers now doesn't contain flowers, but huge, green vines, ready to do some harm. But before this could happen, the suddenly freeze and a shadow jumps onto the highest levitating vine and sits onto it. The shadow is revealed to be a girl. Her eyes are inverted to a bright blue and the white part of the eyeball as black, and the eyelashes white. Her hair starts as straight and then flows into wavy curls that fade to a dark green at the tips. In her hair sits a golden tiara, with two small points surrounding one big point. She wears an earthy green sweater that shows off her shoulders and a short skirt that fades from a bright electrifying green to a lemony yellow. On her face is an evil grin imprinted on her face, looking down to where Kiaino and Kouji sits.
"Who the hell are you?!" Kiaino demands, now deciding to stand.
"My name is Anna. Very nice to meet you. But today is the day that you will die, Haato-san." the demon politely answers, her grin now growing eviler by the second.
She holds out her arms in front of her and her hands spread. Now the vines move at a fast speed again, their destination towards Kiaino.
Now she clasps her two hands together to pray. "Heaven..help me in this time when peace being disrupted..." her earrings starts to glow,"And let me destroy the cause of this destruction! I, the Elemental Master, will bring back the peace!" she glows in different colors of the rainbow. Then the colors rushes into her and she spins around twice rapidly.
Immediately Kiaino jumps out of the vine's reach as Kouji runs from them as fast as he can.
"Kiaino-chan.." Kouji pants, looking back towards Kiaino on the ledge of the bridge.
"This day will not be my death day!" Kiaino yells, as she leaps out of one vine's reach again.
She lands on a vine and begins to run upwards and jumps. But then a vine surrounds Kiaino's left foot and catches her in the air.
"Damnit." Kiaino curses harshly, as the other vines fly to surround Kiaino within them.
"Hmm, you may think that you won't die. Well, think again." Anna sneers, her eyes wider than before,"VINES, TIGHTEN HER SLOWLY, SO THAT SHE'LL DIE A SLOW DEATH!"
And those obedient vines tighten their grip on Kiaino and she feels the sharp pain all over her body.
"Ahhhrrgh---!" Kiaino cries out, the vines tightening even tighter by the second.
"There is no way you can prevail over these plants of mine! You WILL die, Haato!" Anna screeches, her smile even more menacing.
" ' I can't just let her kill me, I got to do something!' " Kiaino roars in her mind," ' Wait...I know what to do!' "
She closes her lilac eyes and begins to concentrate deeply. Despite feeling even more pain every second, she still manages to concentrate. Several beads of sweat slip down her face. Out of the blue, something extraordinary happens, something Kiaino has never done before:

Her whole body envelops into bright flames.

Anna is obviously asking herself how this happened and Kouji is completely speechless and shocked. Kiaino releases a roar from her mouth, her head now looking upwards. The vines surrounding her immediately dissolve through the raging flames. Now beginning to fall, Kiaino does a backward flip and manages to land on the bridge's ledge's edge. She spots the tiara on Anna's forehead and decides to get rid of it, since it seems like the only suspicious looking object that Anna is wearing. With amazing height, Kiaino leaps over the vertical jungle of vines and lands on a vine directly across from Anna.
"H-how....HOW COULD THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!" Anna questions with rage, veins popping.
"Maybe because you underestimated me." Kiaino answers, a smile appearing on her face.
Suddenly the coral-haired heroine soars towards Anna. Before the evil servant knew it, Anna's tiara is no longer on her head. Kiaino landed again on another vine and uses a flame from her hand to destroy the tiara. Anna's eyes now twitch uncontrollably, eyes inverting from her demonic bright blue eyes to her original shade of bright yellow eyes: black eyelashes, yellow iris, and black pupil, along with the white eyeball. Quickly she collapses and slips off of the vine, and is now plummetting to the ground. Just as she was about to shatter into a thousand pieces like a vase, Kouji catches her in time. Kiaino now takes a step into the air and leaps from vine to vine until they eventually disappear and she lands on the bare concrete ground successfully.
"Please..." Anna croaks, her eyes barely open,"...I don't...want..."
"You don't want what?" Kouji asks softly.
"...I don't want...to live any longer." Anna manages to whisper and she coughs uncontrollably afterwards.
Kiaino and Kouji now simply stare at each other in silence, knowing that Anna regrets letting herself being controlled by a demon within her.
"I...want to ask of a favor..." Anna coughs out, now glancing at Kiaino.
"What do you want me to do?" Kiaino asks in a kind tone of voice, smiling.
"Please...save my two siblings...Demi...and...Dusty...please..." Anna says quietly.
This now reminded Kiaino of what Alice asked of her to do...it seems that these sisters are very close to each other. Kiaino simply answers, saying the following:
"I will save your sisters. I already saved Alice and I tend to save your other sisters."
Anna then smiles a little and mouths a "thank you" to Kiaino. By this time, Kiaino knows that she has to releaser her from her pain now.
"Innocent soul, be free from the reign of Kimen! REST IN PEACE!" Kiaino chants, as she glows in white.
Her glowing hand touches Anna's chest where her heart resides. A flash of white light bursts from her hand and fills the entire scene with a bright light. Afterwards, no Anna remained laying on the ground. Nothingness replaced her, as if she never existed at all. Kiaino stared at that part of the ground, knowing that this will most likely happen every time she eliminates a demon. She sighs, now realizing that she has no bouquet anymore, since it disappeared along with the towering jungle of vines.
"Are you alright, Kiaino-chan?" Kouji asks, now a bit worried of how Kiaino is acting.
"Y-yeah! I'm definitely alright, Kouji-san!" Kiaino assures, a grin now imprinted on her face,"Let's walk home, it's getting really dark now!"
"It is isn't it?" Kouji agrees, now looking at the dark sky,"We lost track of time after what happened."
"Yeah." Kiaino sighs,"Let's go home now."
"Okay." Kouji replies, now standing.
And so the two friends walked back across the bridge and following the sidewalk to the suburbs, nothing but crickets echoing into the night.
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Eh, all of these "san"'s and "chan"'s are out of place and make the story seem...uh...well...unprofessional, especially since they're speaking in English. I think if you want people to take your story more seriously you're going to have to get rid of this random Japanese jibberish. In fact, almost everything they're saying and doing doesn't really fit in with the behavior/culture of Japan anyway. I hate to say it, but you should make them caucasion characters. It doesn't sound like you know what you're doing, even if you claim to have studied tremendously about the country. That's just me trying to be constructive though. Take it however you want.