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project217! chapter numero uno.

chapter numero uno: the dream on repeat?! lollypops and sunglasses appear!
editing started:
11-27-2005 // finished: 5-26-2006

Oh yes. I did decide to rewrite it for the third time. Hopefully this is the last time I try rewriting it from the beginning AGAIN. Anyways, major plot changes inside and stuff. I did submit this at DeviantART, but I wanted to post it here so that you wouldn't have to go through the trouble of going there. Soyah. Here it is in the cut. :3

//part01; waking up confused.
In the year 2099, a 16-year-old teenage girl is being irritated with the same dream over and over again. It has been happening for weeks on end during her small summer break from school. She lives in a suburbial town pretty far away (in terms of miles) from the well-known city of Tokyo in Japan. The name of this town is Asoki and it only has one school district. The suburbial area of Asoki has many houses packed next to each other and a fairly busy small shopping district north of the suburbial area. If you go on in a north direction from that shopping district (for more than 10 miles), then you'll eventually arrive to Tokyo.
The teenage girl, whom I have mentioned earlier, lives countless blocks from the high school she attends, Asoki High. Her house is like any other on that particular area: A typical Japanese house with the roof with slightly curved ends and deep eaves, a little gate entrance along with a stone-type of fence that goes around the house, 2 floors, and other little details within. This girl's house has a grayish-blue rooftop and the outside walls are a grayish-white. Many features of the house's front are covered with healthy and unhealthy plants and vines that haven't been tamed in weeks. Thus, the little stone pathway to the front sliding door is covered with little, stepable vines. There is one square-shaped window on the right side of the 2nd floor of the house. The gate is traditional and ordinary, since it is made out of wood, white, and shaped like squares. The fence that surrounds the untamed house is made up of gray stone. The surname that is written on the white name plate is "Hanagawa".
Going inside the house through the front door, there is the usual entrance with 3 pairs of shoes. That area is in a lower elevation than the wooden-floored hallway. On the right there is a staircase to the master bedroom and the girl's bedroom. On the left is to the living room, which leads into the small kitchen. The living room has 1 coffee colored couch close to the wall towards the hallway, a small rectangular, wooden table in front of the couch. On the wall opposite of the kitchen's wall is a tapestry of some kind hanging there. It has a design of pale pink lotus blooming. In the kitchen, there is a small round wooden table in the middle. On the wall behind the table, there is a counter with a metal sink with two basins, a microwave, coffee maker, and four wooden cabinets. Two cabinets are on each side of a window that is over the sink. This window is one that cannot be seen from the front, as it is located on the side of the house. There is a cabinet underneath the sink as well as other compartments like drawers. Also, there is a black stove on the wall that is to the right of the window. The flooring of the living room is of tatami mat that is of a warm color. This is also the type of flooring that is in the bedrooms. The kitchen's flooring is of white tiles with pastellic pink stripes bordering each tile. They look worn and old, as if they had been stepped on for many ages. Countless little taps come down from the stairs as a middle-aged woman nimbly walks down the steps to the 2nd floor of the house. There is a slightly long hallway which consists of 2 closets: one of them big and next to the huge master bedroom. And the second one is a smaller one in between a guest room and a bedroom. Within that bedroom of wooden-flooring and countless objects unorganized throughout. There is a somewhat medium-sized bed of eye-blindingly bright pink and yellow checkerboard sheets, a white fluffy pillow, and a teenage girl sleeping inside of them. Her eyes open wide and the many light lilac hues are seen.
"Why...." she grumbles softly, her voice clearly showing irritation.
The bright morning light from the slightly large-sized window on the wall towards the right of the bed. The pale yellow sheer curtains didn't do much help with covering the light.
"Stupid light." she growls again, rolling to the left in a rough fashion.
She tightly closes her eyes, hoping to sleep without a dream. However, that vision of a girl standing within what it seemed like a hurricane of city lights comes back again. Harshly coming out of the dream, the girl gets off her back. Her hair is a messy mass of not-so-light coral hair that would most likely reach down to her shoulders. The pajamas that she is wearing are white with bright pink pinstripes.
"Uggh, why the hell do I always have that stupid dream?!" the girl yells in frustration,"I mean, it keeps on getting longer and longer every day by only like what: A MINUTE?! It's so annoying! I'm so going to tell Shizuka-san what happened after yesterday..."
She sighs as she picks up her white digital alarm clock from the little wooden drawer on her left. It takes a few moments to take in that she is awake, but she stares at the little red numbers glaring at her: 6:59 AM. Her mind slowly processes this information into her brain and that is when the girl's eyes opened wider than the last second.
"I'M LATE!!!" she screams, leaping out of bed as she drops the alarm clock carelessly on her bed.
A sigh comes out of a woman's mouth as she washes the dirty dishes in the sink. Her hair is a shade of dark brown that meets no limits and her eyes are a clear lilac color like her daughter. The mother's figure isn't too perfect, as she wears a huge dark blue sweater that covers her imperfections. She carries a smile of warmth and contentment, happy with how her life is going. The thumps of rushed steps can be heard throughout the upstairs part of the house. Clumsily, the girl arrives in the kitchen in her pink slippers and school uniform. This consists of a white longsleeved, collared shirt underneath a black v-neck, longsleeved shirt. A black tie lays inbetween the black and white shirts. The khaki skirt's length is to just an inch or two above her knees.
"Good morning, Mom." she grumbles as cheerfully as she can, but it doesn't come out positive at all.
"Good morning, Nat-chan." the mother replies warmly, a smile imprinted on her face,"You're late for school again, aren't you?"
"Yeah yeah..." the girl manages to breathe out, taking out a slice of white bread out of a loaf in it's flimsy plastic cover.
"I think you should leave now."
"If you don't, then you'll definitely be late. If you go now, you'll still have a chance. Besides, Omori-kun might be waiting for you."
"What makes you think Shizuka-san will be there?"
"Well you two have been walking to school together ever since kindergarten."
"Fine~. I'll leave now."
The coral-haired girl now walks to front door entrance, with the slice of bread in her mouth, where she slips off her pink slippers and lazily slips on her black mary-jane shoes. When she quickly swallows that slice, she yells fiercely: "I'm leaving now!". And off she goes, slamming the door behind her and rushing out of the gate. Across the gray and drab street, she finds a familar blonde-haired boy in the same uniform, except with khaki pants. When he noticed her, he smiled warmly as his evergreen eyes sparkled in a way that they seem to be sparkling literally. A grin arises onto the coral-haired girl's face as she runs towards the blonde boy.
"Good morning, Shizuka-san!" the girl shouts joyfully, clearly not sounding cranky any longer.
"Good morning, Natsuko-chan." Shizuka greets back, his voice warm with no signs of any secrets within.
"I guess you got used to walking to school with me." Natsuko sighs, thinking about what her mother told her.
"I was used to it years ago!" Shizuka laughs cheerfully.
"Speaking of getting used to something..." Natsuko begins, as she begins to walk forward,"I saw more of the dream!"
"Really? Natsuko-chan, does the dream seem that it hasn't ended yet?" Shizuka now asks as he follows Natsuko.
"Hell no!" Natsuko says bluntly,"In fact, it looks like it hasn't even gotten to the climax yet! For some odd reason, it reminds me of the many magical girl comics I read."
"Perhaps this is a-" Shizuka begins.
"No no NO Shizuka-san!" Natsuko interrupts with fire,"This cannot be one of those premonition dreams! It looks so fake like those comic-book-inspired plastic toy action-figures! There's no way anything like this would happen to me! End of discussion!"
"Oh come on, Natsuko-chan! Tell me what happened!" Shizuka now demands jokingly, now walking backwards in front of a walking Natsuko.
"Nothing much. Still some weird multi-colored-like hurricane or tornado. I don't know." Natsuko explains,"There, happy now–"
"Let's get to school or we'll be late!" Shizuka interrupts as he glances at his black digital watch on his left wrist.
"Were you even listening...?" Natsuko sighs bitterly as she runs behind a sprinting Shizuka,"Hn, so you want to sprint to school? Why the hell not!"
And so she runs with the same gusto as Shizuka, perhaps even more as she sprints while screaming a battle cry that can be heard for blocks and blocks away. Underneath an un-lit streetlight in a corner a few feet away are two pairs of sunglasses, gleaming in the shadows...

//part02; the hovering night skies in the light.
SLAM! The sliding door is forced open by an exhausted Natsuko. Her lilac eyes look around the somewhat-expansive classroom for any signs of a certain female teacher and a certain male student that poses a threat to her.
"Hell yes, we're not late, Shizuka-san!" Natsuko cheers, leaping into the room as Shizuka follows calmly.
"At least we actually made it in time...unlike other times when—" Shizuka begins.
"Good point, Shizuka-san!" Natsuko chimes, oblivious to the other part of the sentence.
With that in mind, Natsuko walks cheerfully to her desk in the back corner next to where the first window of three large ones begin. There is also a bulletin board, with all sorts of papers posted on it, on the back wall of the room. Shizuka walks to his desk, next to Natsuko's, and sits in the dirty-red-colored seat after he manages to get away from his admirers in the room. Natsuko is already in her seat, staring out the window to see the view of a gleaming sun on the trees and the school grounds behind the tall black gates, full of fancy holes within, connected to a black metallic fence.
"Hah....I want to go home already..." Natsuko groans, her head resting in her hands.
"Good morning, Natsuko-chan~!" a male-sounding voice squeals in delight, shocking the daylights out of the coral-haired girl.
Two long arms wrap around Natsuko and hug her tightly. Now the currently-hugged girl clenches her teeth in irritation, stands up abruptly, and pushes the male away from her.
"Yukio, you idiot!" Natsuko roars angerly, her eyes aflame and her fists ready to punish,"Why the hell do you always do this?!"
An unnaturally-tall boy, wearing the same uniform as Shizuka and having curly dirty-red hair resting on his broad shoulders, stands in front of Natsuko and stares at her in admiration with his normal brown, semi-narrow eyes.
"Because, I love you, Natsuko-chan!" Yukio confesses with gusto, his smile wide across his face, reaching his blushing cheeks.
"Don't say such things so easily!" Natsuko reprimands, pointing at the flamboyant boy,"I can clearly tell that you're lying and you just want to annoy me!"
"But I'm telling the—"
"You're not telling the truth you bastard!"
"Stop with this vulgar language, you two!"
Natsuko now turns her upper body slightly just enough to see that her normal-long-black-haired teacher is present in the room. As this scene develops by each second, the two dark figures watch the series of events through black binoculars on the grounds in front of the school. The figure on the left is shorter than the other and holds the compact, but clear binoculars with its slender black-gloved fingers.
"Hn. She's definitely a ruthless one." the smaller figure states, the voice clearly of a female,"And not very feminime either. Do you think she's the one we're looking for?"
"It's a possibility." the taller figure replies in a serious tone, more of a male voice than female,"I have an odd feeling that, even though we travelled to many places for a year and were unsuccessful countless times, this..."
"Could be it?" the female finishes,"I have that same feeling. We should get this over with as soon as possible. If she does have the "wings" in her possession, she is definitely the one."
"Good idea. Though, we shouldn't go at the same time. It might create too much attention." the male explains,"You should go first, Satou. Just don't do anything extreme like you usually do."
"Agreed. Where will you be, Sawaa?" Satou asks, now looking up to the taller male through her thick and large dark sunglasses.
"I'll be up in that tree near those windows." Sawaa bluntly answers, pointing up to a large tree of a mix of green and autumnal leaves.
It is to Satou's right a few yards away and it is tall enough to reach the first floor windows.
"Okay, let's just hope this is it, because we cannot afford another failure...nor can we wait any longer.." Satou sighs, looking up to Natsuko through those dark sunglasses and the clear binoculars.
¨¨--—---- --—__
"Okay, it's time to eat!" Natsuko cheers, chopsticks ready to attack in her right hand and her white lunch box in the other.
And off the coral-haired brute goes, vacuuming the food in her mouth.
"Aiya~ delicious!" Natsuko squeals, a bright smile on her face.
It is pretty obvious that it is lunch time and Natsuko still sits in her own desk. But one other desk has been pushed to form some sort of rectangle. And one other girl sits in that desk with her lunch.
"Natsuko-chan, you should really control yourself!" the girl in front of her reprimands, chewing on a breaded shrimp after the statement.
Her eyes are a lighter shade of brown than her hair, which flows down to her mid-back.
"But I'm really REALLY hungry, Aiko-chan!" Natsuko moans childishly,"I was lucky to have my lunch snuck in my backpack by my mom!"
"Why? Were you late?" Aiko now asks out of curiosity, causing Natsuko to nervously freeze in place.
"E-er well....ALMOST! I thought I was late." Natsuko explains, trying to make the situation seem more bearable,"I'm just glad to have lunch and not mooch off of you!"
"Good point, Natsuko-chan!" Aiko cheers,"Because I wouldn't let you eat ANY of my lunch. Especially after that one time when you ate my ENTIRE lunch box! I was starving all the way to the end of school!"
"Well yeah...I did get carried away, did I?" Natsuko stutters,"But but but, wouldn't you feel guilty for leaving your best friend hungry?"
Her lilac eyes now sparkle with a slight hint of disappointment. To heighten the effect, she has a pout imprinted on her face.
"...maybe a little. but you ought to wake up earlier! It'll help!" Aiko exclaims seriously,"Then you can make your OWN lunch."
"Yeah yeah, whatever..." Natsuko sighs, not paying attention to Aiko and more on her food.
This causes Aiko to sigh in disappointment, not sure of how Natsuko can possibly ignore such important information.
"O-oy, everyone! Look outside!!"
"Why the hell should I? I haven't even finished my lunch yet!" Natsuko growls, now looking at the random, yet normal-looking boy with flaming eyes.
Aiko now walks to the window to her left and looks up, stunned.
"Natsuko-chan, you should really come here and look at this." Aiko urges in a rather worrisome and serious tone.
Natsuko sighs as she stands up from her lunch and stomps to the window where Aiko is presently standing. A highly noticeable, high-rising river of dark smoke hovers over the school and slightly past it, on its way to hover over the school's gates.
"What the hell...?" Natsuko now questions, her lilac eyes as blank as a newly produced piece of paper.
Just as she asks this question, her teacher bursts into the the room in an unprofessional manner, hair askew as well as her expression showing complete physical exhaustion. The door opens for the students in the room to see their peers as well as teachers rushing clumsily to their left.
"We...we have to evacuate immediately..." she manages to announce, coughing afterwards.
The teenagers now all stand, obviously caught off guard, even without the teacher's sudden announcement.
"What is going on, Sensei?!" Natsuko demands, very loud compared to the confusing silence and her teacher's hoarse voice,"Why is there smoke outside?!"
But she passes out on the floor before should could speak another word. Several students rush over to the teacher to either help her or worry over her unconcious body. Natsuko is not in either of these groups, standing near the window alone and looking at the black smoke outside.
"In where?" Natsuko wonders to herself, deep in thought,"Unless...of course...it's so obvious!"
"Heicho-sensei is still alive...just unconcious!"
Aiko is the one who shouts this out, her head emerging from checking the teacher's pulse.
"Good! Then we should all get out of here!" Natsuko yells walking towards the crowd of students surrounding the teacher.
"So I assume YOU know what is going on, huh? Hanagawa-san?" one shorter-than-average boy states bluntly from the crowd.
"Hey, once you think about it's pretty obvious. Don't have an attitude with me." Natsuko growls menacingly,"Anyways after thinking for a bit, I have come to the conclusion that there's a fire in the school. That explains the people running out of here, the smoke, and Heicho-sensei passing out!"
The students stare blankly at Natsuko for a moment and then they begin to nod to each other hesitantly in agreement.
"In that case, help me carry Heicho-sensei out!" Aiko demands, holding the unconcious teacher by her upper body.
And so a few students helped the teacher up and, along with the other students, Natsuko leads them. To make sure that no complications occur, the coral-headed girl walks ahead into the hallway and gave the students a vocal sign ("Okay!") that it is safe to move ahead. The hallway seems normal, but the smoke hovers, thick and almost as black as night, tiny specks of gray within like stars. Natsuko finds the intersection between the janitorial room and the corner that leads to the stairway. Then all of the sudden, a black gloved hand clutches Natsuko's face at the mouth and her lilac eyes open wide in shock. Her voice shouts "Help!" and "Get the hell off of me!" several times, but her voice is muffled against the tight grip of the hand. The black, slightly taller figure struggles to keep Natsuko under control and eventually, much to the figure's shock, Natsuko falls unconcious.
"Mouuu...that was not supposed to happen!" the figure groans,"Ah well...this makes this escape slightly easier. ...wait, could this be..?"
The eyes behind the sunglasses now stare at the small earrings pierced into Natsuko's ears. Both of them have three silver beads connected by a thin, short sliver chain, and beneath the third chain is a slightly opalesque and small wing, simple in design. The figure realizes that it shouldn't be figuring out if it is real or not in a fire. Therefore, it now picks up Natsuko and runs down the stairway.
"Natsuko-chan! Are you alright?!" Aiko yells, now worrying for Natsuko,"Something must have happened to her..."
Now all of the students worry, as they manage to get to the intersection of the hallway safely and continue on...to escape the hallway of hovering night skies.
//part03; i've transitioned into a dark state.
Outside of the school underneath a tree that is currently transitioning from summer to autumn, Shizuka eats his lunch peacefully. This is the only place in which no female students would stare at him with admiration and sparkling stars in their eyes. He sighs as he decides to look up to the second floor window, hoping to see some sort of glimpse of Natsuko. Instead, however, his evergreen eyes see black smoke hovering at the ceiling of the rooms. Now he stands up, disregarding his lunch, and now worries.
"Natsuko-chan..." Shizuka sighs in concern, his eyes still glued to the room,"...wait, I shouldn't worry. If it's Natsuko-chan, then she'll surely be alright."
"Sawaa~~! SAWAA!?" a female voice yells, immediately catching the attention of Shizuka.
He turns to his left and sees a woman in all black clothes, carrying an unconcious Natsuko in her arms. Her sunglasses now have one broken lense on the left, revealing a wide hazel eye with a peculiar eyelash: long and curls at the end. Suddenly a black figure jumps down from the tree in front of Shizuka, causing him to fall back.
"Don't be so loud, Satou!" the male figure reprimands, his sunglasses still in tact.
"I did need to get your attention, you know!" Satou groans, giving Sawaa a dirty expression,"Anyways, I think this is the one!"
"...let me take a look." Sawaa sighs, as he walks over until he is just some inches apart from Satou.
Now he takes off his sunglasses, revealing the same long eyelash on his left eye, but not on the right eye. His eyes are hues of clear, light blue and are shaped like almonds: narrow at width and not very wide in height. Sawaa now carefully examines Natsuko's earrings. From afar behind the tree, Shizuka is unsure of what to do. He isn't sure if these two black-clothed people are dangerous or not. And he is not certain as to if they're criminals or, if possible, innocent. The blonde decides to take action and reveal himself to the two. But before he does, Sawaa announces:
"This is definitely the one."
"Finally...finally..." Satou sighs in relief, smiling with glee,"Now...what should we do now?"
"U-um...excuse me?"
All eyes, covered by sunglasses or not, are on Shizuka, who now stands some feet away from the tree and has a look of slight nervousness, but mostly serious.
"Who are you?" Sawaa immediately roars, his clear eyes staring cooly into Shizuka's.
"Shizuka Omori." the blonde simply answers,"I am a friend of the girl you're holding now."
"Ah, really?" Satou questions with concern,"Then maybe...uh...well..."
"Come with us." Sawaa now demands, his expression still cold.
"What? Sawaa, what are you...?" Satou begins to nervously question, looking up to the taller man with her hazel eyes.
"Don't speak, Satou. I have everything under control." Sawaa answers in a quick whisper,"I'll answer all of your questions later. But for now, come with us."
"How should I know if I should trust you or not?" Shizuka asks, a serious look still imprinted on his face.
For a moment the two males stare and Sawaa eventually states: "Believe me, we can be trusted. We're not criminals or anything of that sort. Just come with us in a calm manner and we will not have any trouble."
"...okay. I'll come with you." Shizuka agrees and with that in mind, he walks towards Sawaa and Satou quickly.
He is stopped abruptly by Sawaa, who has his hand on Shizuka's forehead. The blonde blinks twice, wondering why this mysterious male is doing this. Sawaa now sighs and takes his hand away.
"...didn't want you to walk too far." the male bluntly answers,"Anyways, let's go now."
And so with Sawaa leading Shizuka and Satou, still carrying Natsuko, they start to walk along the curved path to the black gates. The young blonde starts to feel slightly nervous, wondering if someone would catch them walking out of the school premises, considering how the two adults he is walking with are wearing all black. But much to Shizuka's surprise, they have reached the gate without any interruptions or trouble of the sort. Sawaa now reaches into one of his pant pockets and finds a ring of keys. Shizuka's evergreen eyes open wide in shock.
"How did you get those?" Shizuka exclaims, gawking at Sawaa now.
"I had some time to kill..." Sawaa yawns, as he inserts one black key into the key hole of the gate,"Besides, I want to get out of here quickly and as soon as possible."
"Oh...I see." Shizuka responds softly, watching the older male open the gate successfully.
Sawaa now pushes the gate forward, with much effort to keep it from screeching loudly. When he has pushed it far enough, Shizuka and Satou, still holding Natsuko, walking out of the gate's reach. They keep on walking through the long dusty path, green grasses and cherry blossom trees on both sides of it. Sawaa returns to the front swiftly, nearly having Shizuka fall from shock.
"Omori-san, are you alright?" Satou asks, looking at the blonde with concern.
"Y-yeah. I'm alright. I just...can't believe that this is happening." Shizuka explains, scratching his head with his left hand,"I mean...what do you want with Natsuko-chan?"
"Huh? You mean by this girl?" Satou asks, glancing down at Natsuko,"...it's something top secret. We better not talk of it here."
"Where can we talk of it?" Shizuka asks.
"The place that we're taking you both." Sawaa answers out of the blue, looking back at Shizuka.
The blonde stares at Sawaa quizically, wondering in his mind what all of this is about. All of the sudden, Shizuka hears the quiet hum of, perhaps, an airplane. At first he simply shrugs it off, thinking it is his imagination. The clear eyes of Sawaa now look up to the sky and stops without blinking. Now Satou stops and looks up into the sky as well. After a few moments of hesitation, Shizuka jerks his head up to the sky to look for what Sawaa and Satou are looking at. A very prominent black helicopter is hovering above them. On the side is a even more noticeable symbol of a white-sillouette of a mask with a simply painted expression of happiness.
"Shit...!" Sawaa shouts in frustration,"It's them!"
"Who?" Shizuka asks, even more confused than before.
Before this question can possibly be answered, Sawaa grabs Shizuka's right wrist and begins to run. Satou tries her best to keep up with the two males, while carrying the unconcious Natsuko as carefully as she can. The three concious humans run on and on, carrying themselves with uncertainty. Only concentrating on escape from an unknown enemy.

Blacked out,
the girl.
Two sunglasses,
in sunlight.
The boy,
follows nervously.
Complications arise,
escape attempt.
The lollypop,
and mask.
A question,
of why.
Forms quickly,
wait patiently.
Cliffhanger in...the air.
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